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Macafem Work?

Hi Everyone.  How are you?  I'm new to this board and am hoping that you ladies can help me.  I am thinking about trying macafem supplements and wondered if you have tried them and if you got an results?  How long did it take to start working?  I'm at the end of my rope and need to get some help fast!  I'm currently 42 years old and started into menopause around the age of 38.  I'm not sure if I have "normal" meno symptoms or not but I have been tested and that's what it is.  I am freezing cold all thur the day [yes I have had thyroid tested its normal] and than at night I'm so hot I can't sleep!  I have gained 60 pounds over the last year and a half [thinking it's due to lack of sleep as well as chocolate cravings that are unbearable!]  I have no sex drive at all, in fact I got married a year and a half ago and we have had sex once - that is not like me at all - before meno I had a high sex drive!  But the biggest issue for me with meno is the tiredness I have.  I am just so tired I can't do anything!  And I mean nothing - I lost my job about 6 months ago because I just couldn't do the job due to being so tired!  I have been to tons of doctors and they all say it will get better when you get peri - I can't wait that long!  I looked into going with BHRT but the cost for the first visit with labs would be about 1000.00 and not covered by my insurance!  I just don't know what to do anymore.  I read some great things about macafem and am thinking about trying it but before I order it at about 30.00 I would like others thoughts.  Any ideas or info you can give me would be great.  Thanks and have a great day  ~  Wellness_Seeker
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Hi Wellness_Seeker
I am 59 yrs old.   Started menopause about 2 1/2 yrs ago.   Went on HRT.   First month gained 30lbs second month gained 10lbs.  This happened exactly when my daughter got married.   I looked and felt horrible.   Anyway I stayed on HRT for a little over two years as the menopause symptoms were too terrible otherwise.   I have been off the HRT now for about two months and the symptoms are back with a vengeance.   Hot flashes, sleepless nights, no libido and just plain miserable.   I was hoping the weight would come off when I went off the HRT but no such luck.   So searched the internet for a more natural way to cope with menopause and hopefully lose this weight.   I purchased macafem and Estrothin.   I have been on both for about a month and see no difference.   I have not lost a pound and the hot flashes are as hot as ever and still no libido.   I have three more bottles to go, so I am hoping that it will kick in yet.   But I am afraid it is just another gimmick and money grab because if it did work then every body would be on it.   I will let you know how it goes.     For now I would save my money and I will let you know how it goes.    So far not so good.
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My suggestions;

Lose the weight no matter what - those extra pounds are making the symptoms worse, trust me. The only excuse for not exercising is no excuse - I had/have menppause symptoms worse that anything I have ever read about, but working out HARD at least a hour a day (I do two) is the very best remedy for almost all of the menopause symptoms. There is absolutely no reason (unless you have an incurrable condition) that would keep pounds on you or symptoms raging if you made the exercise you biggest priority.

As for Macafem? All depends on how low your estrogen levels are; have you been tested? If not you want to do that to see where your levels are falling.

Sorry to be hard about the weight stuff, but honestly too many women want an excuse to not experience the work and discomfort that comes when you first start a serious workout program, but really if you don't, you're not being honest about your weaknesses and giving up - take control, get your butt outside or to the gym every single day and you well feel better!
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Thanks for the support - its nice to know I'm not alone in all this.  I ordered the macafem and have been taking it for about two weeks now - let's hope it works for us both :-)

Best of luck to you
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Thanks for your thoughts - I don't think you understood my posting - I don't need some telling me that I am lazy and that I need to get off my butt and exercise.  At the age of 37 I started a diet and exercise routine and lost 110 pounds.  I have done marathons and was in training for a 100 mile bike ride/race - so lazy I am not!  I didn't start having this issue of tiredness until about a year ago and than it was down hill - I have lost everything because I am to tired to do anything!  I lost my job and last week my husband walked out on me.  Now I am going to loss my home because I can't afford to stay here!  I'm not using menpause as an excuse to be lazy and not exercise I was in meno for 3 years before this hit - I have been to dozens of doctors will little to no help from them.  I'm not a stupid of lazy person so please don't treat me as if I am.  Again thanks for your thoughts - to bad they have to cut people to the bone!
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You're not cutting me to the bone, just reacting negatively to something candid a poster wrote and that's absolutely your option and right to do. I believe 100% that serious menopause symptoms can be reduced dramatically with aggressive exercise daily - its been proven. I do not insinuate that you are at all lazy as I do not have a history of your daily habits, but I do hear (and I'm asked so much because I teach) from countless women wanting to know how to feel better, yet they would prefer a pill or any excuse to remedy their weight gain instead of just doing the really hard work to get it off. And to do so would relieve so much discomfort in so many other areas of a person's life, its just amazing how it all starts to get alittle better the harder you push.

The exhaustion is a very real issue with peri and menopause, but you'd be surprised, on your most sickly, exhaustive day, that's the day to push yourself to get out and get your heart rate pumping - it helps the exhaustion so much because the adrenals are moving and that helps you feel less tired...

Sounds to me like you are in a crisis situation in a number of areas and I'm sorry you're going through what you are - kind of lame to preach positive attitude and prosperity thinking I know, but just by writing down all the negatives you have going on or perceive them to occur, to me, is asking the Universe to bring more of that to you - I'll gt off my soap box now and wish you all the best in your pursuit to feeling better and overcoming your current challenges.
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I can tell you have read the same books as I have and believe in sending out positive energy.  

I do have to comment on the advice you are giving at the moment.    When I gained the 40lbs in two months you do not know how hard I was exercising and dieting.   It was my daughters wedding and I wanted to look good.   I am also a farm lady and I stress lady as I don't want you to think I am some dumb hick.  I work very hard everyday.  Lots and lots of physical labor.   In summer I get up at 6am and I go till midnight most days.   I really watch what I eat and I still manage to fit in my tread mill for an hour.   I am not saying that exercise is not good for you, what I am saying is that it is not the answer to menopause symptoms nor weight gain.  

Sounds to me the Wellness Seeker is having it really bad.   I don't know how my husband puts up with me.    I sleep with the window open at night and even in the winter.   Poor guy is sleeping with his cloths on, electric blanket and still freezing and I am laying in the nude with no covers on.   I have also gone outside and stood in the snow with my bare feet and no cloths on.  (we are on farm so nobody can see me, if they did its not a very pleasant sight at 40lbs overweight).   I feel sorry for Wellness Seeker that she had such a selfish husband to leave her at this time of GREAT need.
Maybe that is why alot of men cheat, have mistresses or leave their wives because of this damn menopause.    I have zero libido and I used to love having sex with my husband.   But I feel dead inside.    

I also feel it is a crime that in this day and age and there is no help for this damn menopause.   Yet they invent Viagra for men so they can find a younger women because wifey sure is not in the mood.

A site like this helps knowing you are not alone.   Woman are looking for help.   So its hard when someone tells you it is your fault because you don't exercise enough or your not eating right.    Maybe things are working for you, but it isn't for me and it sure isn't for Wellness Seeker.    I have a mother who that never went through menopause and she has no sympathy or understanding and lots of negative advice.   Its hard to take.  

Hot and Heavy    

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You really do sound like your in a bad place.    To go through menopause is bad enough without your whole world falling apart.    Have your heard of Bio Identical Hormone's.  It is suppose to be more natural with a woman's body.   I watched it on TV and I bought the book by Susanne Summers.    Sounds very promising and I very much wanted to go on it.   But of course I live where no doctor wants anything to do with it.   I have gone to five.    The reason why is because the chemical companies can't patten it and they can't make money off of it.   I don't know where you live, but see if you can find out if any doctor will do it for you.   You hear nothing but good reviews about it.  

I still see no improvement with the Macafem yet.    But to be fair,  I have been on HRT for two and a half years and they say that HRT stops your own body from producing its own hormones and becomes dependent on this chemical stuff.   If you read on the Macafem, which you probably did if you ordered it,  Macafem is suppose to get your own body working into producing its own hormones.   So I think it will take awhile.   Again, that is if this stuff works.   Time will tell.    

I'm sorry your husband walked out on you.    You are in a very bad place right now.  Is there anybody that can help you.   Do you have a Dr. Phil in your life, or could you find somebody.   You need somebody to talk to and you can't go this alone.   I have read some excellent books, but I don't think your ready to curl up with a good book, you need a good friend,  doctor or parent.  

Wish there was something more I could tell you, but if I had the answers I would be doing it myself.  

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Thank you again for the support - its a comfort just knowing their are others like me :-)  I have read and heard about bio identicals and even called several doctors to see about going on them.  I have the same problem you do - I live in a very small town [less than 3000 people] and no doctor will touch bio identicals!  I did find a doctor in a city about 150 miles away from me that would take me on but when I found out the costs involved - well lets just say I can't take a second morgage on the house for them!  They quoted me prices of about $1000.00 every two to three months for testing and doctor visits and the bio-identicals could cost in the neighborhood of $100.00 give or take - that's just way to much money right now - money I don't have and money that I need to pay my morgage!

Thanks for the help with cc101 - I'm sure she meant well - I just overreacted I'm sure but it's not like I enjoy living my life like this.  The exhuastion and weight gain have cost me my life my enjoyment my goals [the 100 mile bike ride/race] that's not something exercise can fix!

As for having a 'Dr. Phil' in my life - yes I am very lucky that I have my mother and my younger sister - though they don't understand this whole meno thing as sis hasn't gone through it yet and mom never had problems - but still they listen to me and give hugs when I need them  :-)

As for my husband - well I guess if this is the kind of person he wants to be than I don't want him!  I'm sure most of it for me right now is anger and I'm sure in time that will change and I will feel bad that he's gone but right my thoughts are to hell with him!

I wished I could make you feel better as you have me but I have nothing to offer in that area - sorry  :-)  I do hope the macafem starts to work for us both - that would be great if it did than maybe we both could get back to the life we had before meno!

Thanks again HotandHeavy for the support and comforting words - I can tell you that your husband is lucky to have such a great lady - and I do mean LADY!  :-)
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WOW! On the cost of Bio identicals.    I guess I won't be looking anymore for a Doctor, as can't afford that either.  

As for cc101, I didn't mean to scare her off either.   I just get real defensive when someone says anything about diet, exercise and menopause.   I went to five doctors and all five doctors said the same thing.  I am either eating too much or not exercising enough.   It has to be hormonal, it has to be.   How can you all of a sudden gain 40lbs in two months and in places you have never gained before.  

I have doubled my Macafem for over a week now.    Still nothing.    Still hoping.

Glad to hear you have some support.    

Wish there was an answer to the menopause but I guess there is nothing.    I have read and searched everywhere.    This is suppose to be the best years of my life, well give me back my periods, cramps and the years that I guess were not the best years of my life.  

If I see an improvement in the Macafem I will let you know.  

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Hot and Heavy:

Sounds like you may need a more intensive work-up on your thyroid done.  The tiredness that you are speaking of, along with the weight gain may be symptoms of a sluggish thryoid or one that is failing and working sometimes, but not others.  A blood test isn't always a true indicator of a thyroid malfunction.  Have you had an ultrasound done on it?  Have you tried an endocrinologist for it?  I'd bet that something is amiss in your thyroid function somewhere.  
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I had my thyroid checked two years ago through blood tests.   Doctor said it was fine.   Had ultra sound for fibroid's a few years back.   They found three the size of small oranges.    I was told they would go away when my periods stopped.   Well I haven't had a period in about two and a half years.   So I am assuming they are gone.   Only reason I had ultra sound at that time was because of heavy heavy periods.    What is an endocrinologist?   Do you think I should go back for more blood tests?

Yesterday I went to see a neighbor.   Her daughter had come over and she said she takes melatonin for sleeping and said it works great.   She gave me a few to try.   I tried one last night but still never slept.   I am going to try two tonight.   I looked it up on internet as I don't want to just take whatever.   It sounds promising, so I am hopeful.   I also read that if you are not sleeping you have a tendency to gain weight.   Well isn't that just hunky dory,   I am already 40lbs overweight, I don't need to be gaining more.    So I weighted myself this morning and sure enough I have gained another two lbs.   I would make another doctors appointment today for blood tests, but will wait to hear from you first as I am so fed up with doctors.  

Thanks very much for answering.  I have been on an other site and tried to start a post, but the woman seem to ignore my post and talk to each other.     I tried several times and it seems like I never even posted.   I am not good at the computer at all.  So at first I thought my posts were not going through, but when I back tracked you can see my post along with theirs.   I have given up on almost everything and trying to cope with this on my own.  Not working very well, but I am a survivor.     I have a very  understanding husband, but I feel it is not fair to him either.   I have been going on my treadmill everyday, really watching what I eat and trying like crazy to be happy.   But I am so tired.    I am usually a very strong person.   We farm and I farm side by side with my husband.   I put in long days so I am not a lazy person.   But now I am just going through the motions.   I don't feel like myself.  

Sorry for making this so long.   I don't mean to sound like a pitty party.    I guess  I just needed someone to talk to.  

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I just read these posts and I was wondering how you are doing.  There are a few things that helped me that I would like to share.  Extra magnesium, up to 400 mg a day, helped me to sleep. I bought it in combination with calcium  in a pill. On really sleepless nights, I added the melatonin or some valerian.  Progest, a progesterone cream that I bought at the local health food store, helped improve my libido.  DHEA, 25 mg, helped with the brain fuzziness. Tryptophan, called 5 HTP, 100 mg,helped improve my mood.  B- 12, in the pill that dissolves under your tongue, helped with increasing my energy.  Most all of this stuff can be bought at Walmart.  Also, I found that my nails were breaking and splitting, so now I take biotin too.  It's quite a line up of pills in the morning, but all of it has helped and is cheaper than bio-hormones.   Good luck, and let me know how the Macafem is working.
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