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Period lasting 2 weeks+

I am 49 and my period this time has been insanely different than any other I have experienced. The flow is heavier as far as overall volume but the blood is much thinner and bright red/pink with some black old blood as well. What is going on? I have to wait until next week to see the doctor...

Personal background - I have had 2 children, I have a low thyroid issue (which is treated with medication ) and am in a same-sex relationship.

I am just pretty scared to be honest.
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So, as I've hit these years, my period has gotten so SO weird. It is heavier than ever at times and lasts a bit longer than it used to.  My doctor says that this is normal.  Although very annoying.  I mean, I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion last month.  lol.  My hormones are shifting a good deal right now.  (working hard not to snap anyone's head off with the emotional side of it!)

Two solid weeks of period though is a lot.  I think I'd let your doctor's office know this and maybe they'd get you in a bit sooner.  Your hormones and namely progesterone may be out of whack. I think the rule of thumb is that if this happens ONE time, as in one cycle, it's a fluke.  If this happens more than that, it's a problem.  

Let me know what your doctor says!
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Hi, I wanted to circle back around and see if you have any update.  Were you able to be seen by your doctor? Two weeks is too long for a period!!
Still wondering if you went to the doctor?  guidance is helpful for others like me.  lol  I am having opposite, my period all of a sudden spaced out and is delayed.  Sigh.  
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Hello~It could be the start of "Peri-menopause", I started mine when I was 35, but I did not miss a period until my 50's. I always had hot flashes even when I was not near menopause. I would ask your gyn for some blood work for hormones and also, get some "Bio-identical" progesterone cream, this type of cream is formulated to be exactly like your own body's progesterone, and it has no side effects, it helps many hormonal issues in all ages of women, even teens can use it. You can get it at any good, reputable health food store or there are many resources on-line as well. Also, read the book called "What the doctors won't tell you about Peri-Menopause" by Dr Lee, he was the pioneer in bio-identical hormones and there is a wealth of info in that book. His other book, "What your doctor won't tell you about menopause" is excellent as well. Both can be purchased on-line or in most bookstores, many health food stores sell them as well.
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