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Promensil, how long to take it?

Hi everyone I am 47yrs old  had weeks of sudden hot flush hell so asked me dr for something natural as I really didnt want to get on HRT patches, last year after my hormones went haywire and I had 4 weeks of non stop flooding periods I had Novasure done and havent had a period now since Oct, all was ok till the hot flushes day and night started, anyway the dr gave me double strength promensil, after 2 weeks taking 1 a day the hot flushes have gone. My question is, how long do I need take these is it like a course for a month or 2 or is this something you need for years? and can I drop back to the normal strength? Lastly is there any other red clover tablet available cheaper then these promensil, I looked last night at the chemist and seen they are very expensive.Anyone with advice or info would be appreciated.
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Promensil is a dietary supplement of plant estrogens extracted from red clover. Restores hormone balance and relieves menopausal symptoms. Recommended dosage is one tablet daily with your main meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Initially it is recommended for minimum of 4 to 8 weeks. Also once you get relief you can go back to normal strength. Consult your Doctor.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks, I am up to week 3 on double strength and had no ho flushes and nomore night  sweats, I am seeing the doctor today and confirm how long to stay on this double strength tablet but assume you are correct and the next packet I buy should b the normal strength ones. I missed one tasblet last weekand by 30hrs I had small hot flashes so obviously I need to stay on these for now. Hopefully I will find out today exactly how long these will be needed. I have seen only one other menopause naural tablet that contains the red clover but only a 5th of the dose its combined with vitamins but was a lot cheaper then this, so might swap to try that too.Anyway thanks for the help
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