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Severe Menopause Symptoms

Please Please someone help me! I have hardly no estrogen, progesterone or testosterone! Has anybody felt other side affects other than hot flashes and night sweats? My brain feels so weird. I have extreme  anxiety and depression. Sometimes not taking a shower for three days. Have no energy to do anything. I have constant thoughts of something being really wrong with me. I am currently taking xanax up to 3.5mg a day. On no anti-depressant. I have tried the bio identical troche since January. Not bringing up my levels at all! I don't know what the hell to do! I literally feel like I need to be hospitalized because I don't feel myself at all. I also have depersonalization. I look in the mirror and don't see the mind/body connection. It scares the crap out of me. My hair is falling out! I have lost 42 lbs in a year. I am a mess and feel that if I have to live this way the rest of my life, I will not be living at all. Please can anyone relate to any of these symptoms!
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I don't know for sure if it would help you or not but...

Hot flashes are definitely what most people think of with menopause.  However, these other things you have mentioned can also be common symptoms.

I had a hysterectomy in 2007 and couldn't take hrt due to a seizure disorder.  I took a soy menopause formula from Vitamin World that helped quite a bit.  You might want to try that or something similar.
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You need to find a good dr to work with you! You need to get a lot of things checked, hormones, thyroid, vitamin D, ect...
You do not have to live this way!!!
Keep searching til you find a dr who listens and will work to get you feeling better!
Good luck, god bless.
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hi.   maybe you should go to health shop and explain to the lady at the shop your symptoms. or whilst your at the health shop.  ask them for wheatgrass juice.  as wheatgrass juice will help you.  hope my advice helps.  
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Hello Ladies,'
I am a 51 Year old male and my wife is 43. She had a partial hysterectomy last year and now has become some one that I don't know anymore. Her whole outlook on life has changed. She want to get a tattoo, wants me to buy a Harley Davison motorcycle for her to ride. She has no interest in sex anymore, which is a HUGE change for her.She says that I get on her nerves and doesn't want me to even touch her (non-sexually) and she does not sleep well at all. These are just a few symptoms, there are many more. I really don't think she is cheating on me or has found another Man. Please tell me what you think the problem may be.
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Hi i read your qustion and yess can relate to your symptoms! I am 42 and feel like I am going mad,understand when you say your brain feels weird,I cant think straight,cant make a decition,feel when i try to think my brain isnt registering,apart from confusion my short term memory is awful and cant remember what I just been talking about etc. I also get night sweats,cannot sleep (3hrs is a good night),my interest in sex is non existent especially since having my son a year and half ago.I have terrible irritability and uncontrolable angry outbursts (my family think i gone mad). I am either exausted or full of non stop energy,I have also seen me "forget" to shower for 2 days at a time,and I also have lost a stone in weight. So yeah can relate to you saying basically you dont know who you are,its the wort feeling in the world !
Hi Liz. I have those same symptoms and was told i was bipolar by therapist and psychiatrist. Was put on strong meds that made me feel terrible for 4 days. I quit thst and am changing drs and will be trying the bio identical hormones and vitamins. I wish you luck
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The hysterectomy tossed your wife into "surgical menopause".Every one of the symptoms you described are from that. I've been there and done that. Hopefully she has a good GYN MD who will 1st run all her hormone levels, including a testosterone level. Once they do that, they can order the correct hormone replacement to help with her symptoms...including her lack of sex drive (which she once had). It's NOT anything you've done.
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Hold on.  Things will get better.  I have been suffering from extreme and unusual perimenopausal symptoms for the past 4 years.  Hot flashes were the least of my worries.  I had panic attacks that lead into hot flashes together for months on end (I would be laying in bed at night just ready to fall asleep, and I would begin to feel strange then have a massive panic attack: "the-world-is-coming-to-an-end, if-i-had-a-gun-in-my-hand-i-would-shoot-myself" kind of panic attack, which lasted a few seconds of an eternity, followed by a hot flash.)  I developed an inability to concentrate - an avid book reader, I could not even read a simple paragraph - this lasted for almost a year.  I developed anti-social behavior, cut out all but one or two close friends, cannot attend parties, would much rather stay at home - which is highly unusual compared to my former self.  My favorite phrase has become "I cannot deal with this/you any more."  Claustrophobia brought on by indoor crowds or riding in small sports cars, flying in a plane - I cannot wear anything tight, causes a feeling of claustrophobia - turtlenecks, rings.  During high-stress (job-related) situations, I had episodes where I heard my own voice talking to me outside my head.  My OB/GYN, a woman, told me that I was too young (46) to be experiencing menopause.  Blew me off.  Several years later I attempted to discuss again with my family physician, also a woman, and she really did not want to discuss it with me, as if I should just tough-it-out (which, actually, I had been doing - it just would've been comforting to have these problems acknowledged.)  The symptoms are changing - I have noticed that I no longer have hot flashes, just a weird feeling inside my head which soon passes.  I can read a book now - several at a time!  I have absolutely no interest in sex any more, but I do feel better overall.  Things are getting better...Hopefully they are getting better for you too!!!
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seem you are getting better wish iam there too but will be a long long way to get there.Getting hot or cold flashes and there discomfort doesn't bother me too much this impression of going crazy,fidgety,panic,heavy mood which is a nightmare.You didn't mention which medication give you some relieve.Two months i'm on some herbal things doesn't seem to be of great comfort and asking myself if it is not better to go on the progesterone cream......oh god! don't know what to do.Cheers for answering
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