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Vaginal dryness suggestions

I am 53 years old, had a hysterectomy 20 years ago, have one ovary left.  Recently I have been suffering with vaginal dryness.  I was going crazy thinking I had some sort of STD.  I am married just a year now and this is very concerning.  The associated pain doesn't go away. Went to my GYN and she did an exam and explained that the membranes are thinning out and causing the pain.  She did a swab test to rule out yeast and bacteria.  No std!  She gave me Premarin cream to be applied topically at night time (pea size) to the area.  It has been two weeks and I don't really have much relief.  I have not been intimate for about three weeks....Has anyone had an experience like this?  What did your doc suggest?  I sent my GYN an email today telling her how I feel, have a follow up in 11 days, but don't think I can wait that long.  Have not heard from her as of yet.  Looking for ANY help or suggestions!  Thank you in advance for your time!
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Vaginal dryness is a common issue women going through menopause have, unfortunately.  Basically, as we start to go through that change, we produce less and less estrogen.  This is the cause of the vaginal dryness.  They make a vaginal cream specifically for this problem.  One brand is Premarin.  It's got estrogen in it but isn't dangerous as it is a topical type of cream for that area. But apparently it alleviates vaginal dryness very well. That is something you can get by prescription from your doctor.  Replens is an otc brand you can just buy.  Hope this helps!  Let me know how you are doing!
Thank you for your response.  I am thankful for helpful people like yourself.  I am currently using Premarin topically, however, it doesn't seem to be helping much.  I have an appointment with my GYN on Tuesday so that we can discuss this more in depth.  I am thinking that perhaps I need more than just a topical cream.  Anxiety and depression are out of control.  
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So, today is Tuesday so probably you saw the doctor today.  How did it go?  I'm really sorry you are having a tough time.  Hormones are wicked!
Well, I am so thankful that I went.  I saw a new GYN with the practice.  She was VERY understanding and took the time to explain options.  I have decided to start HRT with the patch.  I only need estrogen as I do not have a uterus any longer.  I am looking forward to see what the results may be.  Upon her exam, she did also discovered some yeast, which she explained is not an alarm as it happens in menopause.  I will also start taking a probiotic to hopefully help with that.  She did prescribe diflucan to clear up the yeast infection also.  So, here's hoping to some sort of relief.  She also said using coconut oil can be helpful during intercourse.  
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I'm glad you saw the doctor too.  Coconut oil!!  I've read more and more about that!  It's good for so many things it seems!!  Yeast, ugh.  And you didn't have itching?  I think probiotics also are very beneficial.  My son has been using probiotics for about 5 months and it has done amazing things for his GI tract.  He drinks these little smoothies that taste pretty goo.  Bought in the regular dairy grocery aisle by yogurt.  Anyway, please let me know if the regimen she put you on helps!!!  I'm following this thread so keep me updated!
I certainly will.  Crazy thing is I had no itching.  But who knows what was happening down there...lol!  I have not really noticed any side effects of the patch as of yet.  Praying it is what I really needed.  ALMOST ready to think about intercourse again.  Just have to wait until this yeast clears up.  Started the probiotics last night.  I want to be healthy...or as healthy as possible.  Bought the coconut oil and Astroglide (water based lube) as advised by my GYN....Hope all is well with you!
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So, I'm back to see how the hormone treatment is going!!  Any update?
So, it has been a long road and still working at getting things correct.  The HRT patches seem to have help quite a bit.  When I saw the GYN and she examined me, she stated that the tissue looks much better.  That was a sigh of relief!  But, now I have an infection....so, it is a week of antibiotics to get that cleared up!  NEVER ENDING!  She thinks the infection was caused by how bad my "tissue" actually was.  So now it is trying to clear that up, not get yet another yeast infection because of that...and stay SANE!  
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You know, I have now learned that our hormones can cause cuts and such in that area and I never realized that!  It makes sense.  What kind of infection . . . like bacterial vaginosis or of the tissue itself?  It's all a big pain!  And it feels never ending.  Have you been 'in' menopause for a long time?  I feel like it has literally been years with no end in sight!
Well...my tissue was so dry and irritated...bad shape...that any bacteria, possibly from having diarrhea or even from splashing caused in the toilet bowl ... I have an e coli infection.  My GYN said it is not uncommon when your tissue is in such bad shape.  I feel much better with regard to the tissue issue...Sounds gross, hope you do not judge.  I have no clue how long I have been "in" menopause...because I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago...never had any symptoms...went to the GYN once and he (an old GYN) told me to start using cream topically...but I didn't.  BIG mistake!  But, I have no clue.  I pray that it is over soon.
No gross. We're all dealing with this stuff.  Wow, so I forgot you had a hysterectomy!  The old gyn was bad luck man.  lol
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