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bioidentical estrogen use

I am 49 years old and just going through menopause. My new doctor recommended me to have a salivary test to test hormone levels/cortisol/dhea. The results show what she called estrogen deficiency and high cortisol levels. progestrone level is okay. She said that I could try "natural" estrogen cream but I have tried bioidentical progestrone cream before and this brought on bleeding again just after 3 days of use. I also experienced giddiness with it use. I am very sensitive to any medication and was on the lowest possibly dose of progestrone that time.

The concern I have again is could using estrogen cream bring on bleeding. My gynaecologist said that if I have further bleeding (after none for over 7 months now) she will have to do another hysteroscopy. Of course I am trying to avoid that situation.

My main symptoms for treatment are anxiety and vaginal dryness.

I was wondering if anybody has had a similar condition/suggestion and whether they found the estrogen cream was okay for them. Also I wonder about using this without using progestrone as well.

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I have never tried natural hormones or synthetic hormones, and I'm going through menopause now.  I experience extreme irritability, but not anxiety in particular.  Because of the potential side-effects of any hormone "bioidentical" or otherwise I choose to just take the natural route.  I know that physicians would disagree with my choice, but for me personally, I just think that when the body says "I'm on a new journey" we should listen to what our bodies say.  Again, that's how I feel personally, and I know that the decision isn't right for everyone.  

As far as they anxiety, have you tried herbal remedies such as kava kava?  I take that when I feel extremely irritable, and I make sure that it has a guaranteed percentage of isoflavones.  Kava kava has always helped me with PMS and now with menopausal type symptoms.  Also, 3000 mg of Primrose Oil and a Flaxseed and Fish oil per day really seem to help me.  I especially notice that I have more hot flashes and irritiblity when I run out of the Primrose Oil for a while.  As I said, my feelings about natural or synthetic hormone replacement is a personal decision, but I think we sometimes try to force our bodies to do what it says it's time to stop doing.  Good luck, and if you try the primrose or kava kava, I'd like to know how it works for you.  
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I don't know about the estrogen, but I feel for you.
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