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could i be going thru menopause

i had a partial hysterectmy in 1992 i still have both my ovaries i have been to the dr and had a hormone test done and it was normal but i have all the symptoms of menopause except for the exctreme hotflases i have them but they are very very mild and not often, could i be going thru menopause?
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i had a hysterectomy in 97 i still have my overies,and like you i have all symptoms including bad hotflashes,but they tested me and said im not in menopause, go figure i guess we are loosing it know one knows.
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I wanted to let you know that I have much personal experience in this area.  Since feb 2007, I have been in surgical menopause.  No ovaries.. I've been on bio-identical hormone replacement from a Compounding pharmacy by prescription from my practitioner.  I use Biestrogens ( estradiol/estrone) and progesterone and DHEA ,

At my last visit with her, she told me that women who only has their uterus out and still keeps their ovaries will develop early hormonal issues with the adrogens our bodies produce.   Being, Progesterone/testosterone.  These are the hormones that help us sleep soundly, keep away depression and anxiety.. Progesterone and testosterone production also helps our muscles stay more firm and more easily toned.. --  When we have too much estrogen, we bloat, gain weight, lose our keen memory , and symptoms such as those.

If I were you , I would have a complete hormonal blood workup done to find your exact levels at this point in time and then, find a specialist that deals with hormone replacement, not a general practitioner.  Best wishes!
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Oh, and I didn't catch your age, but yes, you could certainly be going through menopause depending on your age.
"Hot flashes", are estrogen related.. but you can also get night sweats, which are progesterone related.. The 2 symptoms are different  ;-)  

Hope this helps
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