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help. I cant live like this anymore.

i have a period every 20 days or so and im tired. I have palpitations and night sweats that keep me up  most often than not. I have terible anxiety, hot flushes, headaches and i have put on weight despite increased excercise and a healthier diet. Ive cut out caffiene and 90 % of red meat and i feal awful. Im 43 and have been like this for about 16 months and my drs say its stress. I had an apt with a gynae doc who sent me for blood tests but it was only for my thyroid which it seems is ok. They wrote on the test form ? Carcinoid syndrome. Now thats scared me, i feel very lonely and scared and i have two small boys. I dont know where to go next. Does anyone know of a good herbal supplement that can help as im certain its perimenopause. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I am so very sorry to read your story... but I too have been there and am slowlllllly getting better.
Find a good dr who will work with you, or a naturopathic dr - someone who listens and you trust.
Get hormones checked .- did they check your thyroid free T3, Free T4- must check those levels too for thyroid issues.
I am so much better on bioidentical hormones and thyroid meds... and recently had an
uterine ablation surgery due to verrrrrry long , heavy cycles for past year and half. It helped IMMENSELY. It was easy- outpatient and not painful or difficult recovery

It sounds like perimenopause and it is NOT fun!! You are not alone ( not very comforting is it??).
Read the posts for help too.
I pray you find some relief soon.
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I too am going through this too  the not sleeping is the worst! I have tried remifem and natural progesterone cream so far and have some relief. You do need to see your gyn first hope they do a saliva test to see your hormone levels that would be a place to start. Unfortunately I am now looking for a new gyn because mine only wants give me  scripts for anti-depressants, tried made things worse. Asked about the natural and he didn't want to hear anything about that. Make sure you say how you want to approach your peri-menopause not how they say you should. Remember it is your choice not thiers (wish I would have been more in charge months ago then I probaly wouldn't be so tired now) Good luck and hang there the saying is we will all get through this and let me know how your appt. turns out
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One more thing- did they check you for anemia?? Long, heavy, cycles can cause anemia and cause fatigue.
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had lots  of blood work done on weds my tft were ok my t4 was at the lower end of the scale. My cholesterol was 5.83 on the top of the normal scale, fbc was normal and that was it, yet again no hormones checked. I feel so bad for three or four days in the middle of my cycle (everything feels 10 times worse) its got to be hormonal!
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Another question...Any other symptoms like kidney stones, frequent urination, heartburn, headaches (especially in the morning), constipation,or joint pain? If so, have your PTH and calcium levels checked as well. I had all of the symptoms you have (and these ones above) and it turned out I had a parathyroid tumor (rarely cancerous -mine wasn't) that had been growing madly for at least 4 years...I began having "perimenopausal" symptoms at age 38, and all I initially got was the gratuitous "pat on the hand" and "This brings everyone in, Dear" from my Dr..Grrr...After doing a ton of research (it started out for hypercalcemia) and matching my symptoms nearly exactly to hyperparathyroidism (11 out of 16 matched...) I actually had to make a stink in the Dr office to get the parathyroid hormone level (PTH) order. All that these tiny parathyroid glands do are control your calcium levels in your blood. For you, it may very well be perimenopause, but, if you have these other symptoms, I'd get it checked out...Good luck...~MM
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I'm assuming that FBC is equivalent to the American CBC or complete blood count.  They need to test your iron and ferritin and TIBC or total iron binding capacity.  A person can feel plenty tired and even have an increase in pulse rate even when their hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cell counts fall in normal range if their iron and ferritin are down- I know because it happened to me.  
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