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natural treatment

I have been trying some natural supplements for peri menopause symptoms. Has anyone had success with it? I am feeling a little bit better. I don't want to stay on this for 3 months and then find out it does not work. I have heard various things about this. I am wondering, or should I just quit trying and go for the Rx treatment.

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Hi Peggy! What natural supplements have you been trying?

I was on HRT for four months (hot flashes, anxiety) before I quit cold turkey in mid- December because I was having horrible pain in my breasts, hips and knees. Within two weeks the hot flashes were back, and seemed worse than ever. I started looking into natural alternatives, and like you, was turned off at the prospect of having to wait three months, hoping for improvement.

A poster in another forum suggested that I try Wisdom Menopause Formula. She said that it worked fast, so I ordered a bottle from Amazon.

I’ve been taking it for about three weeks now, and so far it seems to be working wonders. I haven’t had a night sweat since I started (I had been waking up soaked 2-3 time every night), and the hot flashes have all but disappeared. My anxiety levels have also dropped off, and I find that I’m not such a hot-head (no pun intended!).

It seems that when it comes to menopause, there is no perfect fit for everyone, but I sure like what it’s doing for me so far.

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Hi Lisa, thanks for responding.

I am taking some hormonal preperations one is called FemaMax, the other is HRT, and using PRogestE sublingual. I am also taking a DHEA tablet. I do prefer natural, but I have heard that you have bone loss unless you take estrogen.

I have been on the first 2 about a week. The others about 3 weeks. I just want some sleep!!!  I wake up all night long. I do believe I am getting better because I was waking up in a panic every 1-2 hours, and at least that has subsided.

I have been having night sweats only when it is time for my cycle. I just read a great book called "is it hot in here or is it me?" by Gayle Sand. It was the story of one womans journey of trying to get some satisfactory relief. She was very comedic which made it very easy to read and I just laughed. which I need that, if you know what mean.

take care ....Peggy

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