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32, male, Critically low testosterone, Super-high Estradiol, Obese + Pre-Diabetic

Hi Guys,

i'm basically 32, morbidly Obese, Height 5'7''/67inches, Weight 245 Pounds/110KG, Finally I went to see a renowned Endocrinologist of my City, he suggested me to do couple of blood tests, results are as below:

➢ Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Test for Diabetes (Blood glucose) – 6.3 nmol/L = eAG of 134
➢ 2-Hour Insulin Glucose Challenge Test Results:
CPS-2HOURS (Cohas) = 5.06nmol/L
Insulin (2HOURS) = >2089 pmol/L
➢ Insulin1  – 370 pmol/L
➢ CPS = 2.03 nmol/L
➢ Estradiol = 196 pmol/L
➢ Progesterone = 3.03 nmol/L
➢ Testosterone 215 ng/dL = 7.56 nmol/L
➢ Estradiol 196.24 pmol/L = 53.39 pg/mL

I realized that i'm a pre-diabetic and my hormone levels are totally messed up, way too much Estradiol/Estrogen and way too low T, i'm really worried about my health and wondering how to get my T on healthy levels and how to get rid of excess estrogen from of my system, any recommendations on Aromatase Inhibitors ? not sure what my doctor is going to recommend during next appointment, meanwhile i'd glad to hear opinions of you guys and what's your take on above test results, how would you conclude taking my test results in account and couple of recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance )
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I wouldn't be nearly as worried about my hormone levels as I would be about morbid obesity. If you would bring your weight under control that would undoubtedly help, probably eliminate your pre-diabetic condition and might allay your other hormonal problems as well. Obesity is strongly linked to serious risks including not only diabetes but also cancer, stroke and heart attack!
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noted with thanks, yeah i think you're right, however because of some metabolic complications i'm not able to lose weight, i'll see my doctor on monday and shall update you with his recommendations, thanks a ton
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