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antipsychotic drugs reduced my libido. How to cover the libido?

I am male. I used Second-generation antipsychotics (antipsychotic drugs). Theses made me more dizzy, changed my character and reduced my libido. I had a blood-analysis made and it showed that concentration of hormones in my blood was good. Concentration of testestorone, concentration of oestradiol and free androgen index  were even higher than norm. Other things measured in blood-analysis were also quite normal and there was nothing remarkable in blood analysis.
I have not taken antipsychotics for over a year but my libido has not recovered.

It is known that antipsychotics cause decrease of libido. How in more technical details do these cause that (other than changing concentration of hormones in blood)? What analysis might show something about that? Which organ and how antipsychotics damage? Which medication fix damages by antipsychotic drugs?
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What medication did you take? Was it for depression or bipolar or schizophrenia? Unfortunately, while those medications do often work well for the disorder, they do often have sexual side effects. Not for everyone but that doesn't matter since it happened to you.  Have you talked to your doctor about it? You could talk to your psychiatrist that prescribed them or your primary care doctor both. I'm sure this is really frustrating. What's hard to understand here though is the drug is long gone from your system.  How could it be to blame for the low libido? You've had your testosterone level checked, correct? You say that is higher than normal. Do you suffer the originating disorder that caused the need for the antipsychotic? Do you see a psychologist?
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Surely I took : Olanzapine, Aripiprazole, Lorazepam, quetiapine and Zypadhera.
Maybe: more...

It was not for depression, bipolar nor schizophrenia, but for some other thing, that is similar to schizophrenia.
It was for delusional disorder. The libido lowered very rapidly after I was given these medication. Before being given antipsychotics I had never had low libido nor any similar problems. I had blood analysis made by professional clinic (testestorone: 43.4 nmol/l, SHBG(sex hormone binding globulin): 45 nmol/l, FAI (free androgen index): 0.967, oestradiol: 172.0 pmol/l). I have taken Elontril(bupropion) and some other medication to try get libido back, but it did not work (It did not rise my libido).
I was put into mental asylum against my will and forced to take these antipsychotic drugs against my will.
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