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A very unusual s t d without a diagnosis severe prostate pain

Over the course of the last five years I have caught this thing about Seven times. I have not had any Official diagnosis bev had the following antibiotics prescribed to me In order to get treated by, I was just telling my urologist to prescribe it to me each and every time As a result it's caused kidney damaged and I can no longer sleep effectively. Although now I have caught there's a study again and I have no idea what it is or how to fight it. And I'm afraid that if I take the same antibiotics again. I'm not gonna make it. The 2 antibiotics which I took for 4 weeks simultaneously are Levofloxacin and Sulfamethoxazole. The last bout that I had with this s TDI literally doubled dosed on both of them daily for a month straight. It really felt like my body was destroyed and I could barely be alive. I had severe liver pain in my right quadrant and kidney pain on both sides. But it was the only thing that ended up making my prostate pain go away.  I am currently back to square one with severe prostate pain and I know I've caught the same as to do again. It's all the same symptoms. Severe pain randomly throughout every day, which doesn't go away and early morning pre c** secretions. The one thing that I do know is if a woman is infected with it, she will have no symptoms and she will carryio never goes away. So any woman that I have ever been with? That slept with again after a while. Protected I would have recurrent with this STD. So if I slept with a woman while I had this s TDI can never sleep with her again because I will get it for sure.  The following antibiotics have no effect on it Doxycycline, Azithromycin, Ciprofloxacin,

I am ready to die at this point I am On my second week into the infection. By the way, the only thing that shows up in my test results is blood in my urine as well as white blood cells. Answer your pain, but during a bacterial analysis, there are no bacteria. Presand no STD as well. No, climate. You're not gonna rainy of the other common types..
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Okay, so to clarify -

You have all this pain, have had all kinds of testing done, and the only thing that's ever found is blood in your urine.

Why are they giving you antibiotics if they aren't finding bacteria?

Have you seen a urologist? Had a cystoscopy done? Had a prostate exam done?
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Oh and can you tell me what STD tests you've had? I seriously doubt this is an STD.
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