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Anxiety about sex realted things

Hi umm silly questions but can you get pregnant form like 3 drops of clear liquid (precum) that comes out of me after peeing and i forgot to flush and female got in like 3 or 4 min later. I have anxiety from this kinds of things since last month and whenever i lookup things online i always see like chances are very slim. Reasons that chances still exist to happen is freaking me out. I already asked in female category but to make sure someone advise me to go to male categories so is there any chances splash of water from the toilet can get someone pregnant . I didn't have cum in it i just had like drops of precum after pee and forgot to flush. Female got in like 3 or 4 min so even the time difference is like a min is there any chances . For more information my last ejaculation is like 15 hours ago before the scenario i mention above
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Trying to figure out what you are asking.  Can precum get a woman pregnant? Yes.  But if you urinated and a few seconds passed, I sincerely doubt you would have impregnated her. But ANY time you enter a vagina without a condom, you are risking pregnancy. I'm not sure what flushing has to do with anything at all.  Like flushing the toilet?
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I'm not having unprotected sex bro i just pee and precum got out from me like 3 drops into the toilet bowl and i forgot to flush . Female got in like 3 or 4 min later into that toilet and i was wondering if she could pregnant by the splash of water from the toilet bowl containing precum of me . It is like a impossible scenario but still i have anxiety so i freak out about this
The chances of a woman getting pregnant with you ejaculating fully inside of her without protections is very very very slim.  It's a wonder anyone ever gets pregnant, because sperm are really bad swimmers and almost never get to the exact spot on the ovaries necessary at the right time for the woman for pregnancy to exist.  This isn't terrible, it's a way of not overpopulating, though I guess we foiled that and overpopulated anyway.  It also adds some enjoyment to life because couples trying to get pregnant get to have lots of sex to make that happen as it generally takes some doing to accomplish it.  Of course, you can get a woman pregnant just having unprotected sex once so we take precautions to prevent that.  But in this case you're not even ejaculating inside a woman, so I'm curious about where online anyone ever said you could get someone pregnant that way?  Where is the sperm going to swim to before it dies?  How is it going to stay alive that long?  Given how hard it is even when you do everything on purpose to get someone pregnant to accomplish that.  So no, it can't happen that way.  It's really important to learn how sex actually works.  It's something we avoid in life mostly due to religious objections, but it's like everything else, if you don't study about it you won't learn about it.  Online is full of good sources and really really bad sources and the average person can't tell the difference.  Peace.
Meaning, to reduce your anxiety about sex do some study about it.  The more you know the less worry you'll have.
Thx bro that was really helpful
Just to confirm i learned that sperm can stay few min under right condition and in my case it's just a drop of precum but if there's sperm in it it can't survive for 3 min or 5 min max? Or what are the odds of getting pregnant from by splash of water from the toilet bowl i know you just already answered bro. But I really need full confirmation so i can sleep well and eat well.
And also my last ejaculation before the scenario that i mention above is like 15 hours ago so if there any chance for sperm to hitch a ride with precum . I heard that's not possible
Are you asking if you can get someone pregnant if there is some of your sperm in a toilet bowl, and then a female uses that toilet?

That's not possible.

You have to have sex with someone to get them pregnant - your penis has to be inserted into a vagina. You might read about other scenarios online, but it isn't possible.
When you have a question and that question is fully answered and you ask again, I have to ask, do you have this kind of anxiety about many things?  Because it's sounding like you have some level of an anxiety problem, not necessarily a sex problem.  If you do get anxious about lots of things, that's something to try to stop doing.  But just to confirm to you, sperm swim.  And not very well.  That's why only intercourse will result in a pregnancy other than something artificial doctors do.  The only thing you have to worry about is your worrying.
I Don't really have many anxiety but sometimes i get anxious if not sex realted things it goes away very quickly
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