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Are my testostrone results low

I just got my testosterone results in and it reads

Testosterone 9.57 nmol/l

SHGB 30.20 nmol/l

Free Androgen Index 31.7 (there is no nmol/l on the end of it so I'm sure what it's measured in)

By the way I'm 35 next month ,so I'm wondering if these results are ok for my age or are they low?
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I agree with Pax - you need to discuss this with your doctor, who will likely take into account any symptoms you are having, what the ranges are for the lab used, how this compares to any previous testing, and how the results are working together to paint a larger picture.

Are there ranges on the lab report?

What made you test?
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If you were tested by a doctor, you should be talking to your doctor.  You should know, however, that testosterone levels vary by the hour, the day, the week, and the month, so one test isn't ever going to tell you a whole lot unless you're extremely high or low.  Can't tell you if you're testing high or low, but again, most men have their highest levels in the morning, so a morning test will show higher than an evening test for most men.  But again, if you got tested by your doctor, that's the person to discuss this with.
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