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Bladder pain & sexual dysfunction

I have been having periodic pains in the bladder and pelvis area ,, it started a couple weeks ago and now i can't hardly get an erection or get aroused... help...i say HELP!
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   You need to consult a urologist for detailed check up.
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What age are you please? Any history of prostate disease? Are you on any medications? Comment on your general state of fitness and health. Thank you.
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Hi I am 55 yrs ,, i recently had a negative PSA result for prostate cancer..but my DR thought i had some moderate prostatitis cause i did have a UTI sensation(although urine tests were negative but he gave me some cipro). I am medium build , non smoker and i halfway decent shape @ 182 lbs. I am not on any meds except Vitamins.
Lately i have weak urine stream, bladder pain but uti sensation is pretty much gone. I do take Cialis once in awhile for help with intercourse but lately I cant get erect as hard or as quickly even for oral sex (which has never been a problem for me.)
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You very probably have chronic prostatitis. This is a complex condition about which few doctors know very much. There is no specific urine or blood test to prove the existence of chronic prostatitis and therefore doctors tend to be skeptical about its existence  -- a bit like the Fibromyalgia situation, if they can't measure it it does not exist, seems to be their logic.
But chronic pelvic pain or prostatitis is very real indeed and do not be put off by the skeptics.You will need to do your own research here and choose a Urologist very carefully if at all. I wish you well.
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Hi all,, i saw a Uro Monday and he kinda rushed me thru the appt,, but he did say he thought it maybe prostate related,,ordered me up some flowMax and sent me on my way.. don't u just love that in depth care!
Anyway,, i will try it and see,, maybe get a 2nd opinion or demand a cystoscopy.
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