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Bumps, Lumps and possibly scabies

So I'm having a bit of a problem and I'm not sure what it is.

Recently I've been diagnosed with scabies and have gone through the treatment vigorously with Lyclear cream etc. I'll be doing one more application by the end of the week and that'll be my third in order to really crack down on this. However this isn't the problem of concern.

Basically I found a red lump on my penile shaft that had initial swelling around it two weeks ago, obviously this shocked me and I went straight to the gp, she said it was benign and but me on a cream to try and sort it out. I've been using it and I've seen no change in the size of the lump and on more appeared with it close to the head. I'm trying to rule out anything STD related however I did have unprotected sex with a man where I was the top about 2 to 3 weeks before I found this lump. the lump is about 5mm in diameter, pinkish, soft and malleable when squeeze and only becomes itchy once touched. This can be 2/3 down the shaft and the other is half way between the head and the other lump, again pinkish. soft and 4mm in diameter. Nothing seems to have a "cauliflower" appearance and they're quite smooth when they're rubbed over, maybe a little dry feeling. These two bumps appeared on after another, literally overnight, and after the second bump "rose up" is when I applied the lyclear cream and I haven't had any bumps after that.

In other information that may be relevant I've been masturbating however I use a lube when I do it. I'd say that my hygiene isn't the best for this so there is the possibility of it being a blocked pore. I've had these before on the shaft but they were usually harder and a bit more painful to touch.

I asked about the history of the other person and he said he was checked a few months prior and everything was fine for him. This is the only sexual encounter I've had in the past few months however I have had cuddle sessions with a few other guys, usually underwear or pants remaining on. With all this information I have a few questions:

1) After being exposed to scabies I'm wondering is there the possibility that something burrowed into the shaft causing it to swell more than usual? I haven't seen any tracks around this site nor the other one but I'm wondering if I should rule this out as a possibility.

2) If it is genital warts would they have appeared so large and predominate so quickly? Basically when the first bump appeared it looked like a normal zit (maybe one 2 or 3 mm) however there was noticeable swelling around the red dot, almost to the size of a dime.

3) If it is genital warts then what would be the length of period from the initial finding in which I'd start to see definite noticeable signs?

4) If not genital warts then what other things could it be?

More information can be provide if needed. I'd just like to get reassurance on the problem at hand.

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New Update: I'm basically sick of this problem and the better of myself got to me. I forcefully "squeezed" these bumps and a clear watery liquid came out of both of them (this took a lot of force). Doing research into this I came to the conclusion that it's not warts however I just want to be sure that these aren't herpes either. I've had these for about two weeks now and would assume that they would have turned into blisters by now, burst ones or otherwise. Can anyone give insight on the situation?
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