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Circular lump behind nipple changes size (male)

Hey MedHelp members and professionals.

In late December I woke up with a tight feeling around my nipple. I looked down noticed a lump under my nipple. To describe more clearly, it appeared to be an ingrown hair or a swollen lymph nod.

I immediately thought it was from the cologne I was using, so I stopped using it. After a week, it was still there.

I looked up my symptoms and discovered that the lumpy nipple could be from gynecomastia. The next day, however, the lump decreased in size. The right half of my areola has the lump, but not the left.

That night, I noticed a bulging area around the nipple when I leaned over. I touched the circular, "swollen"  area, which felt soft.

The last thing I remember before the lump came was spraying the cologne directly on my body and eating the spicy red sausages from the market.

I assumed it was a cyst and began placing a warm towel and heating pad over the area around my right nipple.

Here are my questions:

Is it possible to have a cyst behind a male nipple?

What other conditions cause the swelling of nipples?

If this is gynecomastia, how can I increase my testosterone to counter the estrogen?

Why does the lump increase and decrease in size?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance, and I hope to hear from anyone soon.

Will H.
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    Both the cyst and swelling of the breast are typical symptoms of gynecomastia, but a sudden appearance of the symptoms may be due to some other causes, unless you did not take notice of the same for some time. Gynecomastia may be caused due to increased levels of prolactin or higher levels of estrogen. Some times excessive intake of soya products can produce the symptoms due to its content of plant estrogen. If you are  basically of obese body type, it is quite possible to develop gynecomastia when testosterone level falls due to some reasons. Some times certain medications may produce these symptoms as their side effects.

In any case, have a medical check up done for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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