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Dry Penis Skin


For the past few weeks my penile shaft has been very dry, flaky and is peeling with redness in certain areas.
I have tried to keep it moisturized using coconut oil, but that seems to have no affect I thought maybe it was a fungal infection and started putting lotrimin on it twice a day for the last few days, but now the skin seems even more dry. It has been a little itchy and I recently scratched it and the skin broke and is bleeding in some areas.
I am sexually active but she has been tested and is clean. I live in an area that is very dry, but I haven't ever had this issue with my penis and have lived in this dry climate since I was little.
I have looked online to see if I can find out what is causing it, but no image looks exactly like mine and there are so many different things that can cause it. I'm usure what to do!
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Visit dermatologist or urologist. It takes lot of time to cure this problem. So the right diagnosis and treatment is necessary. Prompt treatment is a must.
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Do you know what it is?
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If it´s a Flaky white skin in patches or an Itchy scrotum.  I am not sure but it might be a fungal infection like CANDIDA all women have it one degree or anotther.  As fas as I am concerned there is no permanent solution or cure. Sorry.

Just wash up everyday with fresh purified clean soft WATER (Tap water might just be bad), add up using only 100% SeaSALT or SodiumBiCarbonate, no soaps whatsoever, then to dry up, put some drops  of 100% olive OIL extra virgin gently and thoroughly massaging the affected area .  Eat healthy, Do sports and Stay positively calm.

And to finish off you may try bifidubacterium found in yogurt and garlic to combat the bacteria if that´s the cause.  

Wear on loose underwear so AIR circulates in-between and if necessary roll on the skin temporary to allow for skin transpiration.

Avoid cortisteroids, any medicines over the counter and any pharma drugs, they all usually make the symptoms worse and only fix it temporary at best.  

Remember. Doctors are generally useless. Traditional natural remedies free of toxicity often work out better.
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