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Why have i been prescribed this cream?

I was given Rozex cream (metronidazole) as i have an itchy penis (head). When i asked what was the diagnosis they said a fungal infection.

Why have i been given this cream when metronidazole doesn't cure fungal infections?

Is there any indication for using this cream on the penis at all?

I thought most infections or protozoa were treated with oral metronidazole?
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Uh, if you have the typical fungal infection in that area, ringworm, you use a cream.  It's much less stressful on your system with fewer systemic side effects to use it that way.  Taking it orally is much stronger, but has a lot of side effects, and this way it goes directly where your problem is.  Make sure you use it as long as recommended, and don't be surprised if it comes back, as this treatment often doesn't get all the eggs.  Good luck with it.
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It sounds like you were given a cream usually prescribed for rosacea.  Call your doctor's office and check if an error was made.
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Did they diagnose you with balanitis? That's a treatment for that. Did they culture or swab the area?


You should really call the doctor and ask why they prescribed that particular cream.
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In other words, there's a mismatch between"fungal infection" and Rozex, but it's not clear if what's wrong is the description of the issue or the medication prescribed. Maybe there's even an off-label use of Rozex for fungus, though it's hard to see why it would work. (An uncomplicated fungal infection is usually treated with something like miconazole or clotrimazole). So, call the doc and tell them you were told you had a fungus infection but prescribed Rozex, and ask why. They should be able to correct the error if it's an error, or explain better why they prescribed it if it's the right thing to use.
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Good call everyone.  The cream I used is ketoconazole and I just skipped over that part.  
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