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Dull burning sensation near the base of my penis

Last Monday after masturbating my penis started to hurt, this has never happened before. If I were to touch the underside with my finger, it would feel like a needle. I took some tylenol and left it alone for 2 days. After the two days things got better, except for this odd burning that I feel near the base of my penis, where it connects to the scrotum. This has been going on since last Wednesday and I thought it was getting better but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I've tried looking at it in the mirror and it looks normal enough from the outside, no changes there. The burning only occurs when I fuss around with it, trying to spot something off (I'm really paranoid about it). The strange thing is- it doesn't hurt as bad when I have an erection. I've checked all the pipes as best I could, they're all in working order and I've noticed no difference in my sex drive. I'm just completely puzzled by this and need any advice I can get. I've looked online practically everywhere with no specific information for me.

I'm a 21 year old male with no sexual history in the last 12 months
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