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Erectile dysfunction

Male 32 having erectile dysfunction for last 5 years.serious anxiety and depression and now I have started noticing my body hair are less as compared to before which is definitely due to depression of ed.i got tested for cortisol testosterone tsh t3 t4 my cortisol was fine my testosterone was 550 out of 300 to 900 my tsh was fine.The lab didnt perform t3 t4 they said since tsh was fine so they dont perform t3 n 4.For me the blood tests were free due to policy maybe that's why they skipped it.My ed started when I got a chiropractic adjustment of sacrum and since then I have these symptoms and for 5 years of depression and anxiety I have started to lose body hair and probably libido to till last year every test was fine as mentioned above but I feel testostereone levels might have fallen further.please guide me
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How's your weight? Have you been tested for diabetes?

Could the depression have come first, then the rest? Can you get an erection at any time?

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I dont have diabetes and my bp is normal.yes the erection does come at night that to is not very hard.in certain positions its better and I at times do feel some current flow down my left leg when I get erections or call it a semi erection.
Besides that when I initially suffered from ed I never had low libido issues but with passage of time iv started feeling low libido and I'm sure that I have taken this ed seriously on my mind and that has caused depression and which I think is causing low libido.my weight is 65kg.
Has anyone checked your prostate? Done any imaging of your back, hips and urogenital tracts?

If you are still getting erections at night, and it's better in certain positions, I wonder if something - maybe your prostate, a nerve, a disc, something else - is enlarged/inflamed and causing issues.

I think a urologist would be your next step.

Are you on any antidepressant meds? Those can cause sexual side effects.
No I'm not using any anti depressant but yes as I told it all started after a chiropractic adjustment so it can be a disc but I was never prescribed an mri since I wasnt having any pain so the doctor ruled out an mri
It's not easy getting medical procedures, I know, but maybe you can push for one, or an x-ray or something. I hope you get some answers. Let us know. :)
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