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Is this erectile dysfunction?

I am worried that I have some kind of ED. To get erection I need a bit hard stimulation (usually by my hand) which means oral sex, for example, doesn't get me erect. Can't get hard with any other way like kissing, cuddling, fantasing or even watching pornography without masturbation. When stimulation stops, penis gets flaccid after couple seconds (15 maybe 30). I have been in that state since I remember. I found out it's a problem when I had my first intercourse which was year ago, I'm 28 right now. After that I had some other sex situations but all of them have to start the same way which means first I had to get it hard with my hand. Intercourses usually don't last long (3-5 minutes) because when I finally get my penis erect it feels like I ejaculate in any moment, especially in doggystyle, it's better when I lie but still not long. When I was younger I had morning and random erections but with aging, they decrease to zero. Wasn't scared about it because even though I hadn't had intercourses I had been masturbate almost everyday sometimes for a long time. Nowdays I have not been masturbating and haven't had sex for one and half month. Since two weeks morning erections have been back (almost every day) but still can't get erect just with imagination and don't get random boners too. Only disease I'm treated for is Hashimoto's disease. I had been to my endocrinologist, told him about my sex condition. He had told my to do blood tests. Results are good besides TSH. My medicine which is Euthyrox, has been increased by him but other than that he said my hormones are fine. So I am not sure what is the problem with me and what should I do.
I'm not fat, weight 202.8 pounds with 6.2 height, I workout, eating usually healthy, smoke from time to time and as I said before don't have any other disease but Hashimoto, no depression or stressful life either.

I'm adding my test results
TSH 4,720
FT4 1,49 ng/dl
FSH 2,15 mIU/ml
LH 3,32 mIU/ml
Prolactin 170 mIU/l
Testosterone 691,00 ng/dl
Free testosterone 11,79 pg/ml

Sorry for my English, it's not my mother's tongue.
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So where does your Hashimoto's diagnosis fit in with all this? That can cause ED, which you seem to have.

ED is a wide umbrella, and can include the inability to get an erection easily, or at all, or to maintain one.

Since your TSH wasn't good, this could be caused by your thyroid. Your meds may not be high enough. When did the dose get increased? When do you go back for the follow up to see what your levels are after the dose increase?

You might want to visit a urologist to just rule out any other causes. You don't mention anxiety or any other psychological problems, but if you think that could be contributing, talk to your doctor about it.
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