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Help about Masturbation

hi, i am now 15 and have been watching porn since i was 9 or 10, since then i watched normal porn and became addicted and have been masturbating 3-7 times a day for the past 6-5 years, and to this day i have a bad habit with masturbation, ive felt bad anxiety and when around people especially females i get boners, now that i have been watching normal internet porn for so long, i need more disgusting videos to feed my addiction for example, gay, beastiality and such. porn has truly changed and destroyed my thoughts of life and i really need healp to break free from this addiction. is there anybody out there that may be able to help me, or can i just stop having wanks and thinking about normal stuff, will it restore me to my normal self?
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Hi Brain, are you a religious person, i mean do you have any spiritual convictions?
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Hi 555, The only person who can help you, is you, and it will all be down to self control and self discipline, and you are the boss of both.
Ok you need to take an 8 week sabbatical from all masturbating and any sexual contact, doing you shold start to reboot your body, but you will need to clear out your porn web pares and sites, get rid of any downloads and throw away any discs you have on porn.
Take this as your start back to the normal world, but anytime you fill like masturbating just go and do something, anything thats keeps your hands away from your p***s.
Come back to me in 8 weeks, and tell me how your doing, your memory should be better, your hair will look better and your skin, you will fill better with more energy.
Good Luck
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Get another hobby!

Seriously though there is such a thing as porn/sex addiction. See a professional if you think you might have an addiction.

Having said that, much of what you describe is normal teenage boy behavior. It takes a while to learn how to responsibly deal with your sex drive. I would cut back on the porn & wanking by doing something else. Make friends with a real girl. They're nice. You'll like them.
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yeah, im religouse
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Thanks you guys so much!, and thanks to nohard, i will reply on this post in another 8 weeks without masturbation, and hopefully i can break free from this addiction
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hey man if you end up relapsing don't worry about it this will take some time. it's good that your looking to get help if you can admit that you need help and support you are way ahead. you might need to go to regular meetings with other people see professionals on a regular basis and make some sacrifices as well.  Find out what your triggers are that make you want to masturbate and stay away from them. keep yourself busy and I can't stress enough don't be afraid to ask for help!
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