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I am 17 years old, and I am worried about a hardness in my penis

Hi, I am worried about a lump-like hardness inside of my penis.

When I am flaccid, I can feel a pea-shaped lump in my penis under my tip in the middle of my shaft when I put pressure into it. Although, when I am erect, it feels and looks like a very small tube that is hard when I press into it. And yes, I can sort of see it when I am erect and it seems skin colored but I am not sure since one of my veins is next to it and it is hard to tell which is vein or not. I also do masturbate without lubricant, and I am a little rough with my pal which has caused redness, soreness, swelling and a little bit of testicle pain but it usually goes away fast. But these usually go away within days but this lump hasn't. Sometimes I feel pain in my penis when I am rough with him or delay ejaculation (edging) but not during masturbation but after. And then after I am done it is sore when I get erect again but I have no problems getting erect. There is no constant pain in either my penis or testicles and it does not hurt to touch the lump. I have also noticed recently that it sometimes feels like there is urine trapped inside my penis but I am not sure what it is, it feels uncomfortable but not painful and it goes away after like an hour. I am worried that it might be something serious. Also, I am 17 years old and I have only started masturbating when I was 15. I saw something about Peyronie's disease and I am worried that it might be that because I read that it causes a curve and my penis is curved upwards but I am not sure if I have always had a curve. It is also not a big curve or sharp turn like I saw in some photos but it definitely is not close to straight.
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Peyronie's Disease isn't something you're born with. I wouldn't think it's that, and a lot of penises have curves. It just depends on how curved it is if it is a problem.

Only a doctor can tell you if this is a problem, and if this lump is a problem. I know right now, this is probably the last thing you want - tell an adult that your penis has a lump and a curve and you have pain with masturbating, etc.

Are your parents safe to talk to about these things? Is there a trusted adult you can go to? You don't need to detail the masturbation, or explain the edging. Just say that when you have an erection - which is normal 17 and often happen without your control at your age - you have some pain and you've noticed a lump.

You don't even need to explain the curve if you don't want to until you see the doctor.

If you were my kid, I'd want you to tell me instead of wondering, scared, and I'd be proud of you for advocating for yourself on a sensitive topic.

Even if you've had sex, this doesn't sound like a sexually transmitted infection, so you don't need to bring that up, either.

Just get it checked, and let us know what happens.

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