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I have an Itch/Sting feeling on head of penis...I don't know what it is.... HELP!!

Back in October I had sex with a girl I met who ended up giving me Chlamydia. I took the treatment and the pain whilst urinating went away and the discharge also went away but around that time a new thing came up.... I started experiencing a itch/ sting randomly a little below the opening at the head of my penis. The feeling happens at least once a day and last no more than 3-6 seconds.... it still persist to this day. My year thus far has been filled with hospital appointments and me trying to figure out what might be causing this. I went to the hospital after the clinic ran out of treatments for me -all treatments for chlamydia and a yeast pill which made the feeling go away for a day- then I got a check up/ urine culture... everything came back clean no STI/STD but the feeling continued... I went and saw a Urologist and they recommended me to dermatology since they found nothing wrong. I went to Derma and they said there were no signs of infection or anything and told me to get aquaphor and apply it to my penis (which didn't do anything). I eventually went back again to urology and requested a cystoscopy since a person suggested my urethra may be damaged... I got the procedure done and still no luck, my urethra and bladder were all "fine" according to the doctor (this was July 23rd). Since then I've ordered my urine be tested for Trich since I wasn't tested for that before. I'm not sure what to do anymore, I switched up my towels and undergarments, changed my soaps (funny enough I was using a soap that irritated my penis to the point I got these red blisters and foul odor but they went away after the switch)...I even started working out and eating plain yogurt just to see if it mightve been a yeast infection but nothings been working. I'm just looking for some advice or thoughts on what it might be or what test I should request.. I've been stressing a lot and just need clarity....
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