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Low Testosterone level, how bad am i?

Hello everyone,

I am a 43 year old guy, in pretty good shape.  For the past 6 months I have been SUFFERING with fatique, tiredness, no interest in anything at all, classic symptoms of low T.  I finally got my T tested and the results are:

testosterone 215  (range 280-800)
Free Testosterone 50.9   (range

I started angrogel yesterday and today I feel very mixed (still very tired, but wired at the same time)

May I ask if anyone has similiar issues?  Did your treatment work?  I think its called hypogonadism.

thank you
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dont use that stuff its been altered so they can patent it meaning its not bioidentical to your own bodies T so there for its alien to your body it might be agressive enough to force itself to work for you. but just think progestines for women increase the chances of certain cancers. they are altered and not bioidentical to progesterone which is the body's number one hormone.

i honestly would say get off that stuff and try natural progesterone( i am on it myself and libido has gone through the roof also energy levels have gone up too i had very low thyroid they tried to put me on hormone replacement i put myself onto natural progesterone and solved it. its only £17  in the uk and i think you can get it cheaper in the us. your body turns progesterone into testosterone. you get the woman hormone oestrogen from meats like beef and milk and tap water which will give you the wrong hormones.

all i say is check it out it has worked for me. dont always trust the doctors trust the biochemists they know you down to the atoms the doctors are only good for breaks and cuts. most doctors put your symptoms into a pc and the pc tells them what drug to give you.

oh yeah i forgot to mention there are no side effects to natural progesterone. search dr john lee he tested 600000 people with not one bad side effect
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Never even heard of it..
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Ps, I'm a guy... Not taking womens hormones
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lol progesterone is not a womans hormone. oestrogen is.
natural progesterone gets turned into testosterone. progesterone is the building blocks for all the hormones made in every persons body. women use progesterone to balance out the effects of oestrogen. men turn progesterone into lots of testosterone. read up about it. and also try to read what i put properly  
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