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Low sex drive at 23

For the past few months my sex drive seems non existent. I have a girlfriend who I've always found very attractive and haven't had any relationship issues with. I'm 23 I smoke cigarettes and take adderall both which I've done for years without issue. Also I'm 6'3 and 150 lbs I've always felt my drive was low but nothing like this. Could I have low testosterone or could it be something else?
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Sorry to hear you have a low sex drive.  Ya, you could have low testosterone.  A blood test would determine that pretty easily. You are a little young for that though but it can happen. But a lot of times, sex drive is related to our stress and emotional state.  It can be psychological.  Anything going on that might be related to that? Are you on any medication? Some medications can cause it. You are pretty low weight for your height.  Any issues with your thyroid?  Underlying things like that can cause it too.  So overall, you need a physical. https://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/features/when-a-mans-sex-drive-is-too-low#1
Is it possible for you to get a physical and talk to your doctor about this?
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