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Hi im 14 years old. i started to masturbate about 8 or 9 months ago. when i first started i was really hooked on it. so about a month after i started i would masturbate and squeeze my penis hard but not really hard and i would do it maybe 2 or 3 times a day. 1 day i did it 2 or 3 times and then a couple of hours later i found that my penis foreskin has been really inflamed from hard masturbation and so i waited untill the next day and the swelling was down but i had some loose skin and when ever i would not be arrect, foreskin would not go up over my penis head. and when you pull back your foreskin, on the inside you would have a little line that would go from your foreskin and connect to the back of your penis where the  rim of the penis start to curv up a little. Just a straight line of skin. its somewhat hard to explain but if you get what i mean, it seams like its inside out. and iv ignored this ever since it ended up like that so i just wanted to make sure that its not something bad or that needs to be taken care of after all. Also i noticed that right when i started sperm would shoot out and a lot of it would come out. and i do it everyday all the way up to today and after doing it for about 2 or 3 months, i noticed that not that much would come out and it would just shoot out a little and then the rest would just spill out and then about 5 minutes up to an hour later there would be some sperm comming out little by little not really pulsing like an orgasm but just comming out a little bit. so if you would please let me know if anythings wrong because i just thought it was kind of odd but it might just be me so let me know if everythings ok and please reply ASAP. thank you for your time, sorry for writing so much and thank you.
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It sounds like the line of skin to which you are referring is the frenulum, a normal part of the foreskin anatomy. The decrease in ejaculate volume may be due to the frequency with which you're masturbating. Masturbating a lot at your age is completely normal. If you are concerned about the changes you've observed lately, try your hardest not to do it for a couple of days, then see what happens when you resume. My guess is that all will be back to normal if you give it a short rest. The leakage of ejaculate, or "***" for awhile after you orgasm is also completely normal, and it is called "post-ejaculate", or "post-***". You may notice a clear liquid when aroused leaking out before you ejaculate: this is called "pre-ejaculate" or "pre-***".
Hope this helps!
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is it normal for some mens foreskin to not fold back over the tip when there no longer arrect? thats my main concern. because it used to do so but now it doesnt really do it anymore.
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And thank you. This helps a lot.
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I'm not exactly sure what you mean. If the foreskin is completely trapped behind the head (behind the corona, or rim of the head), and is constricted then this could be a condition called paraphimosis which would need medical attention (but NOT circumcision!).
If the foreskin simply doesn't cover the entire head then this is normal. Some intact men have long anteater foreskins that droop way beyond the head, and some have short foreskins that provide no coverage at all, making them look as if they were circumcised. Everything in between is also normal. Because you are young, your penis could still be growing. If the foreskin is not growing at the same pace, this could explain the change in coverage. It is common for an adult man to have less foreskin coverage than he did as a boy.

Looks like the censors on this forum are hard at work to prevent us from talking in commonly used terminology. This is unfortunate because it will prevent people like you from communicating and understanding what's going on with the terms that you will hear among your peers and on the street. The words above that were not censored are the medical terms and you probably will only hear health professionals use them in a clinical setting. A good doctor will also know the street language, and will accordingly use that as well as the "proper" terminology to make sure his/her patient understands. The words that were censored rhyme with "bum", except start with a "c".
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Hey no problem what so ever. i can clearly understand your type of wording. so yes to conclude this topic and thread, my foreskin does contract but it only contracts to the very edge of where the corona starts but i could be wrong but i think paraphimosis is the medicle term for when the foreskin constricts the penis and prevents urin to come out or cemen which is very deadly since the urin is trapped. and no i dont think i have this condition because im ok with going to the bathroom. so if you have anything else to conclude to this statement that you think i might need to know, just reply but in the meen time thank you so so soso soo much for all the info. i deeply appreciate it. talk to you later.

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