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Molluscum Contagiosum question PLS answer. Look at profile pic!!

I am 24 old male. I was treated for what my doc thought was molluscum. He froze them off with liquid nitrogen about a year ago. Although maybe after about a couple months after it two new spots appeared. They don't itch or hurt or burn or anything. It's secluded to only my pubic area and one on sac. What I'm getting at is the couple that came up a month after doing it were fine for months and months and nothing has happened. Just one of them recently has gotten bigger and redder. I'm not sure if it got infected or not or burst. Now around that single one is red and I'm seeing more and more really tiny bumps popping up around my "happy trail" and down to that single one. I think it's spreading and I can't I'm pretty much for sure its mc but I wanted to know if there's something I can do to stop spreading? Was it bc the doc missed those couple the first time so I wasn't fully cured from having it or is this an entire different episode? If so what caused it? What will the doc do this time since there's a lot more tiny tiny ones? Is there a cream or pill he can prescribe along with freezing it off? Lastly I heard mc and folliculitis and seborrheic derm and dandruffis linked to hiv? I all the sudden have gotten all 3 mildly and I had a scare about a year ago with unprotected for only a minute with a girl in hs when she said she didn't have anything so I tested and tested and even the last test at 7 1/2 to 8 weeks was negative. Am I thinking way too much or? I'm seeing doc mon
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