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Multiple isolated incidents of hematospermia

I'm a 35 yo male in good genral health. I take Xanax occasionally as needed for anxiety but haven't taken any recently (at least until after the incident described below). I also have 'white coat hypertension'.

A few days ago I was having intercourse with my wife. We used a condom as we normally do. The sex was a little rough and at times a little dry. After climaxing we both fell asleep. When I woke up and removed the condom I noticed the ejaculate was slightly pinkish in color. This happened 2 other times over the past 18 months. The first time was very similar with the condom, etc., but I noticed a small cut on the bottom of my penis so I dismissed it as having come from the injury.  The second time it happened (about 6 months ago) I was masturbating and ejaculated. The ejaculate looked normal but when I went to pee a few minutes later I squeezed my penis to pass some of the fluid and about 2 drops of red blood came out.

I went to the doctor after the second incident and they ran a urine test which was negative for bacteria and STDs and that was that. I'm not sure if this warrants another trip to the doctor or not but I'm really worried it could be prostate or testicular cancer.
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