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Now I'm scared

I looked up everything possible, I do not have herpes because my last partner got tested and came back negative and prior to that I was never a carrier. But I ended up with a dime sized bump between where my thigh and abdomen meet. It hurt when it came up and I bursted the head off of it. Now it's went down and doesn't hurt but appears to still have a raw looking head. I read it could've been a benign cyst but I do not know. Please help.
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   It could be a harmless skin boils or a cyst and would get settled of its own, but it is always safer to consult a doctor, since given the background,clearing of the symptoms by itself may not mean everything is Ok if in fact it is due to some other causes.

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Hi Kat, So every body else gets tested but not you?
If your that worried just go and get tested yourself, this way it would clear your mind, and get the bug out of your brain.
Good Luck
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It's started to clear up a bit on it's own, it's not sore like it was but the part that scares me is that I guess for where it is it is taking it's time to heal. (Hypochondriac me... yay!) It's only slightly sensitive to touch think it's a boil due to me being a bit on the husky side; skin friction and boxer shorts.... but for the most part I feel fine, no fever, no malaise, for awhile I lost my appetite from anxiety and well the added part is that it's not on my groin at all just like where my trunk meets my leg.
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Just the one partner I had since about a year out and it was one time. I got tested for aids, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea, had the last two and got rid of them. Had urethritis as well but it was the same vaccine for the other two and now that's gone, checked from prostatitis, same vaccine applied, I was never a carrier for herpes and when partner came back negative that cleared that up.
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