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Possibly experiencing torsion and detortion

Hi all,
For the past day or so and previously intermittly before that, I've had mild intermittent pain in the testicles and abdomen. Looking at the scrotum I can see (this has happened before) it rotates (but not completely) and unrotates. The scrotum is also red, the explanation I saw before online described it perfectly, it's not full blown torsion (or I would not be posting here) it may (and I'm very worried about this) torsion and detorsion.

M24, UK.

I went out with friends earlier to see a movie, they assured me it probably wasn't that else they would be highly swollen, extreme pain can't walk like I'd been kicked there 50 times I would know. It's been on off since then, like mild pain followed by relief, apparently this means in the future it could go full blown, so it's worth getting stiches now.

I mean is it "normal" for the testes to slightly "move around" in the scrotum? I may have the trait that causes this, it's also exacerbated by stress. I can only hope and pray it doesn't become full blown and can be followed up with a gp instead. When should I abort and go?

It's 2:15 in the morning now, of course if it goes full blown it's straight to the ER although honestly I'm not exactly a fan anymore than anyone else of surgery, always a bit worried the day would come. especially more but I'd have to bite the bullet.  
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anyone? it's stayed fairly stable, alternates between normal and slightly twisted. Docs are closed now, either it's ER or count my lucky stars it doesn't get worse today and see a gp tomorrow.
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Okay, tell me if this looks concerning or not. The problem is that just going off the image, the testes themselves appear to move around twist and untwisting. I'll be calling my gp tomorrow, but even then they may just suggest the ER anyway: https://i.imgur.com/Uo9SpHn.png
Back from the doc. They said it wasn't an infection, no bell clapper deformity, no full blown torsion or cysts, odd lumps, abceses or anything or the sort. Urine sample is clean but will be sent. An ultrasound ordered. I had mentioned twisting and untwisting he said yeah that can happen, does put you at a higher risk of torsion in the future. Pretty much it's ok now, watch and wait, if it gets worse ER (despite the pandemic).
Sounds like you have a good plan.  Something to keep your eye on but hopefully it doesn't add to your anxiety to do so
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