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Pulled too hard on testicles, vein now swollen

About 5 days ago, we were playing around with my girlfriend and she accidentally pulled a bit too hard on my testicles. It caused a slight amount of pain which went away as she stopped. However, the next day, the spermatic cords (the cords that connect the testicles to the rest of the body) felt a bit painful, it was more discomfort rather than real pain. This discomfort lasted about 3 days and now it it almost entirely gone.

The only thing that is worrying me is that I noticed that one of the veins in each cord is slightly "fuller" and thicker than it used to be. When I lay down, this fullness goes away almost instantly, and it only appears when I stand up or sit up. I'm only talking about ONE vein in EACH cord, so two veins in total. This does not seem to match the symptoms of varicocele where many veins become fuller than normal. Also, I doubt varicocele could be caused by what I described.

Could this be a problem, and is it possible that this is due to the minor injury I described? Or is it normal for the veins to be slightly fuller when standing up?
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