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Purple Spot/Swelling Under Leftover Foreskin - Possible Syphilis?

Had sex with a new partner about 2 weeks ago. After about 8 days I freaked out a little and had an STI panel done - all results came back negative but was given a course of antibiotics to be safe (ceftriaxone and 7 days of doxycycline). Then about 4 days ago, I noticed the I had swelling on my penis right long my circumcision scar on the right side. It looked like a fat lip - no discoloration and it was not painful. The swelling went away by Sunday. Yesterday I noticed the area looked purplish. No shape to the colored area and no discharge (weeping/oozing). Today, after the gym and shower, it looks wrinkled an ready to peel. Again, there is no pain and no other spots/blisters on my genitals. Freaked out that this could be herpes. Trying to get into my PCP but booked solid until after the holidays. They do have a STI clinic that does walk ins but couldn't get there in time today.
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You can try an urgent care or clinic.  But it does not sound like syph to me.  
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