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Retracted Penis

I never had this problem till I contracted prostate cancer about a decade ago.  It has left me impotent and I've noticed that my penis seems very small.  It's never been huge, but since the prostectomy, it seems tiny.  When I wear very tight underwear, the penis retracts and my testicles seem to go into my body as well.  When I look at my crotch, it could pass for a woman's crotch and it even feels like a woman's crotch (through the cloth of the underwear).  Is this something I have to worry about?  Should I get it out right away each time it retracts, or is it OK to wait for a convenient time.  The tight underwear is something I seem to enjoy.
I was surprised to discover that Even though I haven't had an erection for a decade, I can still have an orgasm, but there is no ejaculation.
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You must see your urologist and discuss this new element of your prostate treatment regimen.  If not satisfied, please get a second opinion from an urologist (board certified).  Good luck!

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