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Shrinking Penis Recovery

I think I have found the solution to this and I encourage all of you to look into it.

First I would like to point out the "triggers" to this. As you notice it begins many different ways; panic attacks, LSD, Propecia/Finasteride, Anti-Depressants, injury, sickness, anger, surgery, etc...these are all stressors, but its not the adrenaline that is the exact cause...it is the pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is the whole area at the very base of the penis and goes all the way back the anus. It is a complex area of muscles. Basically what has happened is that area has contracted and pulls the penis back and does not allow as much blood to flow to the penis as normal. Adrenaline obviously makes this worse as it will cause the pelvic floor to "clench" or "congest" even more. In fact, one of the users got an ultra-sound that shows a "blockage" where blood flow significantly decreases at one particular point in his "pelvic floor/perinuim".

This is a very common condition for women, but for some reason medical field does not really admit it exists in men? Why not? Men have the same pelvic floor, just a penis attached at the end.

Lots of times this will be misdiagnosed as prostatitis. 95% of prostatits cases are actually pelvic floor issues.

Other names it goes by..
*Pelvic Myonueropathy
*Hard flaccid

So how do you fix this?

(1) You need to find a very good Physical Therapist who treats pelvic floor issues daily. They need to be able to teach you specific exercies, but more importantly need to do "trigger point" or "myofascial release". Some of the areas they need to get to will actually be from within the anus. 90% of PTs probably will not be helpful as they never have heard of this.

Here are two who deal with this. One on east coast one on west coast.

(2) Prazosin (Alpha Blocker)
Not just any alpha blocker will work. Some will make it worse, some will make it better. Prazosin/Minipress definitely helps. It specifically allows the pelvic region and penis to "relax" and "decongest" for a while....allowing more blood to flow. Be carefull though as too high a dose can give you low blood pressure. Start with just 1mg at night for a few nights, then slowly wean up to 4 doses of 3-5mg daily.

Keep this thead updated with your results. Many have already noticed great improvement.

Also go a head and read "A Headache in the Pelvis" and "How to Heal Pelvic Pain". Same issues. The "pain" that they speak of is a "dull ache in the pelvic floor" that many of you might begin to notice you have.
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Many times you will see the following symptoms (any of them)...

*smaller, retracted, and/or constricted penis
*ED sometimes
*lower libido sometimes
*lower ejaculation
**** too fast
*bigger veins on penis
*darker, spider veins on penis
*dull ache in the pelvic floor and/or groin and/or upper hamstrings
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