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Suffering due to masturbation


I am 27 years old. I have started masturbation at the age of 13 and for a very long time I do it daily and sometimes more than once a day. Now I am seriously suffering because of the following conditions I am facing:-

1) My testicles are shaped badly;right one squeezes badly whereas left one extends and the ratio of my right-to-left testicle is 1:3(It is so horrible to see in mirror)

2) My bones become week and brittle and my knees are swollen due to low bone mass density.

3) Although I almost quit masturbation but do it occasionally.And last time when I masturbate,I ejaculate in 4 seconds.I have so bad stamina and timing.

Can anyone suggest me solution? Am I curable by medicine or do I need surgery for my testicles specially?

Thank you in advance
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    Please consult a urologist to find out if both your testicles are working fine. As regards the bone density problem, it may be a case of calcium and/or Vitamin D deficiency, you should get a blood test done for better evaluation.

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I would get those testicles checked out ASAP that really doesn't sound good and for trying to last longer during sexual activities, I would personally try the "stop, start" method so masturbate until you reach the point in which you think you are about to ejaculate and then stop before you do wait a half a minute or so and repeat until you can't keep going over a period of time it should help it did for me hope you get yourself sorted out bro
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Ejaculating in just 4 seconds is a serious concern. Please practice masturbation regularly
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ejaculate in 4sec! UNBELIEVABLE
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Don't masturbate everyday. If your testicles are in fact a 1:3 ratio and your left one is 3x larger than your right, than that could be a problem. I don't think that is normal. They should be roughly the same size, one can be a little bit bigger I believe. How do you know that your bones are weak and brittle? And how do you know that you have a low bone mass density? were you diagnosed?
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