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What is this clear fluid?

I was working in my house recently while totally nude, a normal thing for me. I was only very slightly aroused, mostly due to the fact that I was nude and enjoy being that way. I was providing no physical stimulation and did not even have a full erection, just the soft beginnings of one, but I did have a lot of perfectly clear, thick, fluid dripping out of my penis that was exactly like the "precum" fluid that happens during sexual arousal and activities with my wife. I am an extremely sexually active and experienced, healthy, 60+ year old man but have never experienced this before. It felt very nice but I am wondering just what it was and why it occurred, as does my wife, who was quite intrigued by it. I actually produced more volume of fluid than when sex is involved. No sense of ejaculation or orgasm was felt, just a nice pleasing sensation. Also, what body organ produces the fluid?
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Hate to suggest anything negative, but it could be from urethritis or prostatitis.  
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I checked the symptoms and causes of those 2 conditions and I have none of them. There was/is no pain at all. As I stated, it actually was a pleasing feeling. The fluid was exactly like my normal "precum" - perfectly clear and very, very slippery, except for being a larger than my normal "precum" fluid volume, but I was not sexually aroused much at all and was not doing any manual stimulation that would cause the juices to flow like usual. It was simply there, starting on its own and later stopped on its own even while I still remained nude. Perhaps the volume was so much larger because it continued for a longer period of time  than during sexual activity since today I did not have any orgasm or ejaculation. I wasn't worried about negative health issues because, as I related, it was a very nice feeling at the time - rather pleasant and calming. I simply wondered why it happened since I wasn't erect and/or sexually active. I would not care if it happened every day because of its pleasant effect on me, as long as it was not a negative health problem to be concerned about. I simply don't understand why it was flowing without my being very aroused and hard, assuming it was the same fluid that I am used to experiencing, and it seemed to be. I also wonder why it never happened before because I am around the house naked nearly every day.
As you suggest, it might very well  have just been a build-up of pre-ejaculate for some reason, and  because of the circumstances, it released. If it were to happen often, it would be worth asking your a doctor and taking in a sample for analysis. But if it was a one-time thing, probably just shrug it off. Everything I can find about fluid coming from the penis (that isn't pre-ejaculate) seems to be from inflammation or an STD, and that's not what you're describing.
Also, you asked what gland produces pre-ejaculate. It's produced by two pea-sized glands that (together) are called the Cowper's gland.  Unfortunately for the theory of having a lot of pre-ejaculate built up, it sounds from your description that you had more fluid than something that small could hold. Who knows, maybe you just produce it really fast.  
Thank you for the information. I am convinced that no inflammation or STD is at all involved since I am healthy and have had only one sexual partner for the past 30 years, which would eliminate the possibility of exposure. I do remain curious as to how any pre-ejaculate could build up such a volume as I expelled at the time since I am so very sexually active, but life does have its mysteries at times. I won't worry since there does not seem to be any negative health issue, and I hope that I don't have to "shrug it off" because, as I previously said, it actually did feel rather nice to experience.  and I wouldn't care if it happened every day. At my age I am certainly willing to have a new sexual experience or feeling. At least it wasn't a spontaneous ejaculation with semen. Thanks again.
As an update to the previous discussion, I again today experienced the same event. Today, I was once again nude but I was relaxing out on my patio with a full erection and I was engaging in a masturbation session. I had been stroking myself for a bit of time, but I was not really nearing orgasm or ejaculation at the time. Not even close. Of course, I am used to some pre-ejaculate slowly oozing out of my penis during sex as I near ejaculation, but this time I still had a ways to go before that would happen and I was surprised to find that there were full drops of the clear fluid coming out of my penis and dripping about every  5 or 10 seconds, which was, once again, a much higher volume than my normal pre-ejaculate. Also, this time, because of my full arousal and erection there was no sensation, pleasant or otherwise, with the fluid leakage as there had been the last time this happened. The dripping did continue for long enough to accumulate a small wet spot as I continued to stroke and then it did completely cease as I finally neared orgasm in a bit. I did achieve a normal orgasm and ejaculation, but the one difference I experienced was that my ejaculation traveled more than twice as far as it usually does when I come when I masturbate, which is truthfully not a rare event. This was not a situation of a pent up release that may have made my ejaculation stronger. I still wonder why this volume change in the fluid release, even if it is normal pre-ejaculate, at my age as well as not happening at my normal point of release. It was much earlier. The first clear fluid release happened when I wasn't even aroused or hard or stimulated. I know that precum lubricates the penis so is it possible that the increased lubrication caused me to shoot so much farther? This was the first time it happened during masturbation since the first non aroused release of fluid even though there had been several other masturbation sessions between the two releases as well as normal intercourse. I would never know about it during normal vaginal sex as it would all be internal and unseen. Can the Cowper's glands increase production with age? I have had no other change in ejaculate volume, but I do have a slightly higher sex drive very recently. I would think that increased ejaculations would lower precum volume as it is being used up more. Once again, no health problems to consider and everything feels as good as usual and,truthfully,  my wife was impressed by how far I shot this time, so I suppose I can just keep going, but I still would like to know why it's happening suddenly and periodically. I also know that I can't go to a doctor and masturbate for them while I am watched or examined to show them.
You could explain to the doctor, however. He or she isn't going to demand to be a witness before believing what you describe. And probably if you're going to go into a technical discussion of the function of the Cowpers gland, you should make it a urologist.
Also, if you are with a urologist, ask about the prostate, too.
Since I don't seem to have any underlying health issues and everything seems to feel as satisfying as normal, I hesitate to get involved with doctors due to the time, trouble and especially the expense. I am the type of guy who likes to know how to build the clock as well as how to tell time and my concern is trying to figure out why this change is happening. Both incidents could continue to happen and I would not be upset since the pleasure level has not changed for me and, in reality, I sense a little increase in satisfaction since I have always felt that the farther I ejaculate the more intense my orgasm. In other words, the deeper orgasm causes increased release pressure, feels better, and shoots farther. It just crossed my mind yesterday that the higher urethral lubrication from this newly higher volume and earlier precum release(assuming that is what it actually is)  may allow the ejaculate to flow more freely and therefore shoot out farther like it did. I am not certain if that could even possibly be a factor to consider. All in all, not a troublesome problem for me because a man my age being able to shoot about 4 feet in distance is nothing to be ashamed of in my crazy mind. It almost makes me willing to go ahead and see a doctor to demonstrate my masturbation and brag on what I can do - LOL. Sorry, still not going to happen! It just happened to occur to me at this moment that, is it possible that I have been low on pre-ejaculate production throughout my life and my body has just changed to now produce the "normal" amount for a male and it is not an "excessive" volume? I mean, the dripping and small puddle accumulation seemed like a bit much, but I have no idea what other men experience, so maybe I should have been more like this all my sex life. I had not considered it that way before. I will happily take the pleasure of the long distance ejaculations and deal with the dripping issue, but I simply would like to understand WHY!?! Oh, yes, I have been checked multiple times for prostate issues in my yearly exams and the DRE and blood work have always been fine and no enlargement or PSA level problems have been identified. I have never seen a urologist. My primary care physician has handled all my health matters and she has never indicated any negative reproductive issues at all, and, as I started out saying initially, I am an extremely sexually active and experienced man, so sexual changes hit home quickly. Once again, my inquiring mind wishes to know the full reason. I will continue to seek more data input and more information. Thanks for your assistance.
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