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Swelling after sex?

It seems that after me and my girlfreind had sex, I have had this swelling from about my circumsition line to the ring of my head of my penis, Now at first it didnt consern me, I thought "jeez, maybe that was a little to rough". And i just kinda thought it'd go down. Its been since thursday since we have, Its now Tuesday. The swelling hasnt gone up nore has it gone down. I Felt a slight irritation when we had sex, but nothing un-common (not enough lubracation i thought). Its Like we had sex to hard, and now my penis is swollen. Before all this though, i had a small bump on my penis caused i think cause of the same thing, I'm not 100% sure on what it is, but i think its not helping the swelling around the mid  of my penis. I'm 20 years old, and the swelling is pretty good size, enough to easyly see it. Everything is still working properly just the swelling from the line of my circumzition (from way back in the day) to were my head of my penis starts.

What may this be?, and what should i do to heal it, if it's just sore?
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