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Testerone Levels in 17 year old

I think my son may have low testerone levels. What is the safest way to boost his levels, ie; supplements, medication, foods etc?

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Hi Joey, odd name for a mum, he can start by doing weight lifting, and lots of heavy work outs, for him the safest thing for his age would be Tribulus as its just a herb and would take around 8 weeks to get to full power.
But just get lifting weights in a gym, and he or you need to tell his trainer why and what its for, and let them work on him.
Good Luck
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Hi Joey and sorry, why did I think you was a mum, what can I sat but sorry.
Good Luck Dad
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Thanks for the help, and no problem.
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this is what I read on the net, what do you think about the side effects?

Pregnant or nursing women should not use tribulus.

An increase in breast size (called gynaecomastia) in a young male weight trainer was reported after he took a herbal tablet containing tribulus.

People with hormone-dependent conditions, such as breast or prostate cancer, should not use tribulus.

Tribulus terrestris has a toxic effect in sheep. It has been found to cause a chronic, progressive, irreversible disorder in the dopamine circuits of the nigrostriatal complex in the brain, resulting in impaired muscle function and weakness in the hindquarters, eventually leading to death.

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Hi Joey, look I take Tribulus for ED, its known for incressing testosterone+ most of the info I read on doing research into it said that there were no side effects.
So one I just hope your son is not pregnant, if so hes a she.
An incress in breast size, says it was a herbal tablet containing Tribulus, so was it just that or a mix.
So there next one he should at his be clear of.
And last I take he is not a sheep.
Look I'm now 65, back in the saddle again, and I have no side effects from this or other things I take, but then thats just me.
I do hope this clears the air, OK
Good Luck
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Hi Joey, look I found this through a post and its called shilajit, you can read up about it and it has its cautions, its more of a mineral than herb, maybhelp you.
A question, what makes you think he has low testosterone.
Good Luck
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   Since your son is only seventeen years old, in case you suspect low hormone levels, better to take him to a pediatric endocrinologist and get his hormone levels assessed. In case the T level is really low, the doctor will be able to give right advice. And age wise, it is the right time to correct any problem that he may have.

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