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Testicle hanging horizontally - supposedly not torsion, hydrocele, etc.

I had inguinal hernia surgery about a month back on my left side. For the past week, I've been experiencing testicular problems. My right testicle had a dull ache and felt sore. As well, the position of it changed temporarily on-and-off: throughout the day it would hang either lower or higher, tilted back or in normal position. Today, I've noticed that the left testicle is hanging horizontally; however, once again, it goes back to its regular position on-and-off.

Here's the thing: I went to the emergency room twice already this week. The first time the doctor checked for torsion, couldn't find anything wrong, and gave me a urine test presumably to check for infection (it came back negative). The second time (yesterday), I was given an ultrasound (I'm assuming both testicles were checked, but specifically it was for the right). The results came back negative for any signs of testicular torsion, hydrocele, variciole, epididymtis, etc. They couldn't find anything wrong with my testicles whatsoever.

Should I be worried about this? The pain has since subsided, but the positioning is still off on both. Yet for some reason they are apparently normal. Could this just be a strange side effect of hernia surgery?
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