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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Problem

I apologize for the long post ahead of time, but its kind of complicated. Ill keep it as short as i can.

Hello. I am androgen defecient (hypogonadism) male (age 43) and was being being treated over the

years with a variety of different HRT methods at different times, 2 different skin patches,

a scrotal patch, and the gel. Everything was great for the first 7 years. Never felt better.

Perfect cure. A few years ago, a problem arose. I'm not sure what it is but it seems like

this HRT could really harm me now. Anyway, a few years ago, my skin started getting a brown

tint to it and my blood got really thick, like pumping 50wt motor oil through my heart. I

could see little crystal like things on my arms. My legs on the side of my buttocks also had

what looked like a bad rash and it burned. I went in to a clinic and they couldn't really

figure it out. They gave me antibiotics. When taking them, it felt like i was pooping

swimming pool acid for a week and i also took aspirin for a while to thin my blood. A couple

months later i saw my regular MD since i still wasn't feeling right, not the urologist who

gave me the patches. He really didn't know either, so i never quit using the patches/gel and

i started down the same path as the symptoms i mentioned above, but always got antibiotics

before it got too bad. Took me about a year and a half to realize the patches were causing me a

problem. I quit using them and the really bad symptoms went away very slowly, but i never

felt quite right. Sores didn't really heal quick or well. Still got a sore or 2 every now and

again after that. I had some testosterone patches and gel left so i would try one every few

months to see if what was wrong was corrected. Same trouble would start. It seemed like acid

was getting into my skin and it would burn every little cut or sore i had after the first

day and i generally felt like hell, so i would stop after a day or two. Eventually, i

noticed my thumb nails growing weird. They were deformed and had a bunch of ridges on them.

Eventually their appeared some yellow kinda color under one of them. I thought i had a

fungal nail problem and didn't do anything about it right away. I also had a couple of red

itchy areas, one on my arm, one on my neck. The more i scratched, the more it itched and

burned. Doctor thought it was an infection, so i got antibiotics for what he thought was a

skin infection. Never made a difference so i just put hydrocortisone cream on them to deal

with the itch. Well, this brings me to April of this year when i was doing some spring

cleaning and bleaching some rags. I stuck my arm in the bleach water to get some out and the

sore on my arm burned like mad, and them it felt completely better. Well, this i recognized,

as bleach was old cure in a pinch for ringworm and other skin fungals. It didn't look like

ringworm tho. So, i went to the store and got some lamisil and put it on the red area on my

neck. Yep, 10 days later it was gone. I took myself back to the doctor one more time and

told him what i thought i had. I think it was candida. He agreed after seeing my thumbnail

that i had a fungal infection, but didn't give it a name, and gave me fluconazole one pill a

week for 4 weeks. First pill made my urine incredibly foamy so i think we hit the nail on

the head. It seems to be gone so i went in somewhere else for a physical. This doctor

couldn't find anything wrong from checking me over physically. I got the results of the blood

and urine tests in the mail and some numbers on the blood and urine tests were a little off

and i still cant take the HRT. Same problems start happening and i felt miserable. I was

wondering if you have any idea why i'm having such a problem still? I will post the lab test

numbers that were a little off, but not the ones that were in a normal range. I really don't

know what i'm dealing with so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Glucose  102(H)  Norm Range 70-100mg/dl

RDW      11.8(L) Norm Range 12.8-16.2%


UR BILI   1+(HH) Norm Range NEG

Ketone    3+(HH) Norm Range NEG


(note, i hadn't tried any HRT in many months when these tests were done)
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Boy, that didnt format well. Sorry about that. I put in in notepad first.
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