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White patches on penis and I'm not sure if it's due to the eczema or skin thinning

I've had eczema on my penis for about a month and a half now and was using hydrocortisone for about a month, then I was given fucidin cream containing hydrocortisone because it's infected but now I've got patches of white skin not connected to the bottom lay. I had skin peeling from thrush cream I was given from a misdiagnosis but this isn't peeling it's just white and raised and I'm just not sure if it's just a symptom of the eczema or skin thinning from the fucidin and im not sure whether to keep using the fucidin or not. If anybody could tell me what skin thinning on penis looks like because I cant find it anywhere on the internet
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No idea, but you're never supposed to use cortisone for any lengthy period of time.  It does all sorts of harm.  I have no idea why cortisone would be used for an infection.  Are you sure it's eczema?  
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I do think it's eczema that got infected because it happened after I didn't wash soap of the tip properly after showering then I seen vasoline can help but it can introduce bacteria to it this caused my testicles to become inflamed which is a sign of bacterial infection fucidin is an antibiotic cream that contains hydrocortisone. The doctor said that skin thinning wouldn't happen that quick but we are currently in lockdown so was only over the phone.
I don't know where you are that you're in lockdown so strictly that you can't see your doctor, but if your testicles are inflamed, you actually need to see a doctor. A cream isn't going to treat an infection that causes swelling of the testicles.

Most places in lockdown allow for essential medical care, and inflamed testicles is essential. Does your doctor know that you have this symptom?

I'd be less worried about thinning skin and more worried about the swelling. Give your doctor a call now.
The inflamed testicles had went down for the most part on its own before I even got the cream I feel a small amount of inflammation sometimes but the swelling is gone. I think I'm going to ring in tomorrow again and ask again about it. And the doctor knows about the inflamed testicles.
I think that's a good idea.

I don't think what you are seeing is thinning skin, which I know is a concern. It's hard to say what it is, because you have something going on - not sure what - and you've used creams for a long-ish time, so it's hard to say if it's a symptom of what you have (like eczema or something), or a reaction to the creams. Best bet is to let your doctor see it and determine that. Let us know what happens.
I went in there and the doctor thinks its balanitis and gave me an antibiotic cream and doesn't think there is any skin thinning. Thanks for the advice really appreciate it.
Good, I'm glad you went. Take care, and we're here if you have any questions. :)
I just looked up the cream I was given daktacort and it says it's antifungal would this do anything different than canesten because the canesten only made it worse.
Yeah, probably not. It's a slightly different medication than the canesten. It has a different antifungal - miconazole vs fluconazole. The daktacort also has hydrocortisone cream in it, which can be soothing and helps with inflammation. It's not an antibiotic. Maybe you need a dermatologist?
I might have to. Am I right in saying its usually only bacterial infections that cause inflammation of the testicles rather than fungal.
I think we're saying neither would necessarily cause inflammation of the testicles.  Anti-fungals aren't used to treat eczema, and it would seem an odd area to get eczema but a common place to get a fungal infection, usually ringworm.  The problem is, you've taken so many antibiotics and steroids and those can cause recurrence of the condition and can also cause problems.  At some point, you've got to find a way for this to heal.  I hope the new med works so you can stop taking meds that are themselves a problem.  I would also start taking the best probiotic you can find form the refrigerated section of the best health food store in your area because these have been killed to some or large extent by the meds you're taking.  I can tell you, I had ringworm twice and it itches like crazy, it's also called jock itch and most athletic men have had it at some point in their lives.  The meds often cause recurrences because they kill off the good guys along with the bad, and often the eggs are not killed and hatch later and you have it again.  For me, I used the meds, but to completely get rid of it had to use natural medicine every time it started to come back for awhile before it was completely not a problem anymore.  You sound like you have a different thing, but it works out the same.  So be patient.  Glad you got to the doc.  Peace.
Yeah I took two courses of antibiotics a few months ago and I've been eat lots of Greek yogurt and bio yogurt and trying to eat a varied diet would you recommend getting probiotic tablets aswell
I would recommend that, and I think Pax would, too, though I'll let him answer for himself.

The yogurt isn't working for you, right? Maybe it's helping some, and you don't know how bad this would be without it, but it sounds like you need more. It certainly won't hurt. :)
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