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Why are my orgasims feeling weaker and producing less semen fluid?

So I'm a 31 year old Male. I don't have a big medical history. The only things that have happened to me recently within the past year or so was finger surgery and second degree burn on my big toe which were both treated and healed. But recently I've noticed my orgasims after masterbation or sex feel less than 50% what they use to. I also notice not as much semen fluid is coming out. I don't have any abdominal pains, urinating problems, or genital discomfort. I am not a smoker and I only drink occasionally. I also must ad I have NO problems getting or maintaining an erection. The anticipation is still very much there it's just it's just the end result is not what it use to be all of a sudden. It's been like this for maybe a month or so now. Now when I was 19-20ish i did have a prostate infection but that's the only history of prostate problems I've ever had. For the most part I've always had a pretty healthy history. Any ideas or anyone had this problem before and figured it out?
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If nothing else has changed - your diet, your exercise or activity level, stress levels, etc., this could be a hormone issue or a prostate issue.


You should see your doctor to rule out either of those - always rule out physical causes first - and if there is no physical cause, you can try some of the things listed in the article. But really, start with ruling out problems first - some can be serious, and you'll want to find out if you have those.
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I would also emphasize on being hydrated at all times.
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There is a term for this which is perceived ejaculate volume reduction which means that you are not alone.  This happens to enough men that it is a medical term PEVR.  Are you stressed?  That's the number one reason, believe it or not.  Our mind controls so much of what happens with our body.  But because something like an urethral obstruction or injury could be going on, you should get checked out.  50 percent reduction is pretty huge.  Do you have a regular partner?
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