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Why is my index knuckle hurting?

During covid lockdown, I masturbated a lot but instead of the normal way of doing it I rubbed it in-between my body and bed. While doing this, I had my hand in-between by body and the bed. After doing this prior for the previous years and never having any issue, my left index finger knuckle started hurting a lot after I was done. For many days I didn't care but now at this time, it hurts some days and other days it feels off. I am going to the doctor in a month for my annual checkup and am going to mention it but I just wanted to ask here to see if anyone might have any idea what the issue could be.
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Is it possible you injured it in any other way? Hit it on something and don't recall it? It doesn't seem like this would cause injury to only one finger, really.

Is the finger or the knuckle swollen at all? If it is, or the pain gets worse, don't wait a month and get it checked now.
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I haven't injured it prior to the pain starting as far as I remember. It always would hurt after I was done and I didn't worry about it at the time. As an idea for it not being previously injured is the first morning after it hurt a lot, there wasn't any pain at all, which leads me to believe it started because of this reason. The knuckle shows no signs of injury and it mostly hurts when I haven't been using it for a while. If I'm actively using it most of the time, it feels like nothing is wrong. I know that the finger was rolling horizontally between me and the bed which may have caused something to happen?
I mean, I guess it could have? Stop doing that for now and see if it improves. If it doesn't, talk to your doctor about it.
Now that I have been thinking, during quarantine I also played a lot of Beat Saber which is a VR game. While cutting the blocks in game I swung down and remember hitting the table pretty hard with my knuckle hitting it the hardest I believe. Could that be a more obvious reason for this pain?
Sure. I don't play video games, but if you are using that finger with repetitive motion playing games, that could also cause it.

You really need to see your doctor about it to find out what, if any, the injury to the finger is, and they can help you figure out what is causing it. We can only speculate here. You may need an X-ray or something to know for sure.
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