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how to heal 2nd degree burn to sensitive area as quickly as possible

Hello all

I had two small lumps which I think was warts just above my penis

Did a blood and urine test which came back negative on everything

Didn't feel comfortable asking a doctor for help seeing as the problem was only cosmetic... decided to try to burn the lumps off with a knife heated by fire

Appears to have worked great but gave myself 2nd-degree burns... wound is approx 3.5mm in diameter, yellow in the center with a red circular ring surrounding the edges

Doesn't hurt or anything but my birthday is in 8 days and need to try to heal as quickly as possible, what is the best way to heal the burn quickly?
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Well I hope you have learned to stop burning your body with a hot knife for cosmetic reasons because you will most likely have a scar now. Do not put any “healing ointments” on the burn as most of those are gimmicks and don't really help.  There is nothing you can do to speed up the healing process other then clean it with a mild soap and maybe apply an antibiotic ointment once a day. If it is not painful do not dress the wound with a tight bandage as that may slow the healing process. Loose clothing may help. I think the bumps would have looked more appealing then a burn but if you pick up a lady for your bday make up some cool story so she doesn’t run for the hills. Good luck!
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thanks for the reply... didn't know where to buy a soldering iron but thought a heated knife would do the same thing... worst case if it doesn't heal I can show the lady my test results showing I'm infection free then say something like that I bought a new electric razor, cut myself badly and had to cauterize the wound.
A soldering iron?!? If those bumps reappear elsewhere on your body I would skip the DIY body disfigurement and go to a dermatologist who can remove it without leaving a gross burn that youll have to make up stories for. And I would come up with a better story because That one doesnt sound too sexy. Maybe you got into a fight with a fire breathing dragon? Now that would grab a ladies attention. Please dont burn your body anymore I promise nothing good comes from hot knives and your groin area.(:
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