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wana get chubby cheeks..? :((

Dear all,

im new in this forum, i checked a lot of forums on internet, but nobody giving good suggestion,

my problem is this that just i wana make my cheeks chubby, i mean look like fat, my whole body is very good, my food, sleepy, job everything is very good, but my face(cheeks gone deep inside).

plzZ can anybody suggest me any good food for that or medicine (without side effects)

waiting for ur good response....

Thanx & Regards
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I can only think of plastic surgery?  Is this a cultural thing?  It has been years since I was in kuwait. and the circumstances were not the greatest in many ways.
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Yours is an interesting question.  I wonder what prompted you to seek "chubby cheeks" if you are otherwise healthy?  Have you asked anyone else whose opinion you value?  There are such things as facial exercises that you could do which might help your facial features some.  But usually the way to get chubby cheeks is to become chubby in general, and I'm not sure that you would want that.
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Thanx for the reply,

u know without chubby cheeks my face is look like pairs of bone, its correct my whole body is ok regarding my diet, just my cheeks are not same with my body, if somebody see me, they think im inj disease,

even my friends, they say what happened with u, y u r so weak, bcoz our face is front of others instead of body, so plz kindly Doctors give me some good suggestions,

ill tell u my (10 years) interesting story regarding this issue, then definetly u ll say, i need "CHUBBY CHEEKS"

Thanx again
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can anybody advice me something for solve my problem, a lot of members here,

but nobody giving good suggestion,

Doctors, plzZ, suggest me something good...  :(

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dear all,

plz give me ur good opinion, about my problem,


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I would want to get chubby cheeks tooooooo  but  not gain weight on my body. I was wondering if drinking olive oil everyday like a spoon would help with it...someone who knows ANSWERRRR
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