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How do I help and/or find help?

I have been with my depressed friend for almost two years now and we were open with each other about his depression from day 1. I've been supporting them all the way through, but I'm the only one who knows and I know I can't help him recover all on my own. He felt better for awhile in the beginning after our first talk, but since this past September they have gotten worse and worse  and it seems to be worse than ever because I don't know what to say to him to help him get through the day. He has been depressed for about five years. He has been to counseling but the counselors he has been to have blamed him for his problems and discriminated against him because he is an atheist. He doesn't trust them (and neither do I because of my experiences with them). I have had one decent therapist and I tried contacting them for help but they won't respond to me. My friend's parents aren't nice to him and so letting them know about his situation would only make things worse for his home life. But we are both minors and we can't pay for proffessional help ourselves and we can't sign any documents ourselves to get him help. He will be 18 in November but we can't wait that long for help. I'm trying to make arrangements for him to movw in with me when he is 18 but this will make his parents mad and they very likely won't financially support his college funds (he also currently doesn't have any because they were lost) so it isn't likely we can afford medication or proffessional at this point in time either. I can't tell anyone I know about this situation because they'll tell his parents and it will be bad for him. He is afraid of being hospitalized by his parents as well. I don't know who to turn to that can help him or even what steps to take to help him out of his dire situation. He doesn't have any other friends to talk to so it has only been me and I'm struggling to not only keep him afloat but myself as well.
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I am not sure where u live, but there should be some free resources for counseling. At 17 I would think he should be able to get some help without his parents. Contact therapists or psychosis to ask them about free resources. That is how I found help for my depresdion.
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