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Psychological or Neurological or Something Else

Hi there,

The problem I have are:
> after falling asleep, wake without realizing and then conversing with the nearby person (I'll be either sitting down or standing as if I'm awake; the person will inform me of the incident the next day in which I have zero recollection of)
> whole body will jerk as if fitting (will be aware a few seconds prior with the sensation as if there is adrenaline or perhaps the adrenaline is real, and blackout right before the jerk -- the person around will inform of the incident the next day)

If any, I've been on anti-epileptics (Keppra, Tegretol, etc.) but they never helped.

I'd like to know what the talking-without-realising-as-if-awake is called and the solution for that if available.

Thanks, in advance.
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That's probably troubling that this happens! I know when I'm not in control of myself, I'm very uncomfortable.  I have had an issue of "sleep walking" in my lifetime.  I'm a light sleeper and if something were to bring me out of deep sleep but not fully awake, it was not a good thing.  I woke up running down my street in the middle of the night in a full spring bare foot.  That was probably the worse.  In a nightshirt, as well.  :-o  I woke up laying on a bunch of things in bed with me from another room.  I've woken up hitting my husband on the head with a pillow saying "use your noggin" (he stayed married to me, ha).  And I did it a lot as a kid. Those are some of my examples. My issue was that I'd be woken just slightly and not fully.  Why it hasn't happened in a decade I don't know.  Glad though.  It was disconcerting.  I'd talk to your doctor about it.
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You tried medications. Most of the time, the problem is simple, lighting in your home. circadian rhythm disruption can cause severe issues. It is better to opt for good lighting
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