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Headache above right eye, dizziness, inability to focus (vision)

Yesterday, I was watching a basketball game on my computer approximately 3 feet away from the screen when this sequence of symptoms happened.  I have NEVER had any problems even close to this before, and am not diagnosed with any types of diseases or disorders.

My eyes suddenly were unable to focus on my screen as my vision felt like my eyes were suddenly becoming cross eyed.  I was unable to focus on the screen.  I believe that it may have been triggered by the light on my computer screen however I have no evidence to support that belief.  Looking at the computer screen or lights in general made me extremely dizzy.  During this time, I was unable to concentrate very well and unable to focus on looking at objects.  
Within this 40minutes to an hour of cross-eyed like vision, I had to drive a car for about 2 minutes, and I could not focus on the cars in front of me.  The feeling of being behind the wheel simulated that of how it may feel to be drunk and driving as I felt a combination of inability to focus, unaware of surrounding, unable to concentrate, and a weakened depth perception.
After the 40 minutes of hoping it would go away, I laid down on my bed where I was suddenly hit by a non-pulsing headache above my right eye.  The pain was fairly strong and I attempted to take a nap.  After Another 40minutes to an hour, both the cross-eyed like vision and headache faded away.

24 hours after the series of events now, everything is normal and I am wondering if anyone has had something similar happen or has a diagnosis.  After a few hours of research online, I am still not sure of whether I need to see a doctor or not.  I feel that the description most matches either a random light-headed moment or a partial seizure (I have never been diagnosed with Epilepsy)
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Thank you so much!
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How are you? This could be due to eye strain alone or from computer vision syndrome, a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for long and uninterrupted periods of time. Continuously focusing on a computer monitor leads to tightening of the ciliary muscle in the eye causing irritation and symptoms such as those found in eye strain: fatigue, double vision, and headache. Computer vision syndrome also presents with eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, double vision, polyopia, and difficulty refocusing the eyes. These symptoms can also be further aggravated by improper lighting conditions and existing eye conditions such as error of refraction ( can present with dizziness or frontal headaches). If it recurs, have this checked by your eye doctor for proper evaluation. Resting the eyes regularly during uninterrupted computer work may also help. Take care and best regards.
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